Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fuck the BBC :

Biased British Broadcasting.

Yes Fuck them because they have been compromised from inside and are no longer apolitical and impartial and i am not paying for political pro EU propaganda and bias so i have cancelled my TV licence.

It has been overrun by Pro EU leftists and i have seen this bias come across over and over again.I notice it with presenters and journalists and they are clearly not objective or assuming a devils advocate role either.

So until the time when they decide to snap out of this very unpleasent habit that they have slipped into then they can just go and fuck themselves.

They are being paid to provide a service that is objective , unbiased , and accurate and they are failing miserably at it.It was all these things that set the BBC apart from other channels and TV services the world over so i guess that this is the end of an era and the beginning of State sponsored Political propaganda that exploits the all too apparent gullibilty and stupidity of the vast majority of the UK.

The BBC no longer gives any airtime to mine and millions of others political opinion.

Again its an insult to my intelligence because i notice every little thing and i dont like it so i dont pay for it.

This is not to mention the issues surrounding the Gaza appeal which in itself is a political/humanitarian matter yet ample coverage was given to Israel and the Zionist lobby but hey thats ok.Its all biased beyond belief.

I am so sick of the dross and mediocrity and useful idiots that have taken over all areas of life since "New" Labour came into power.

Its just another symptom of the organised decline of the UK that i see every day.

I am not partly funding a politically correct political organisation and i am tired of references to our great leader Gordon Brown who in the eyes of the politically correct fucktards that infest the BBC can do no wrong over and over and over again and just about everything else that has a left wing political slant to it.

There is no difference between a cultural liberal bias or a party political bias as the end result is exactly the same.

Bollox to all of them.

Fucking Liberals again.

The thing is is that not everyone is nonwhite - liberal - a Muslim - gay/lesbian - a pro EU collectivist - an Obamaton - urbanised - Non-English or any other little category.

Its obvious that there is not a balance of different viewpoints within the BBC which is very unhealthy as the predominantly Liberal BBC employees are in their own cosy groupthink enviroment where they will mirror each others political views and the views of the management as there is no one else there to challenge them and make the PC liberals question their own assumptions and opinion so what you have in effect is a hive mind.

One single massive contradiction springs to mind and is very noticable in its absence and that is "Diversity".

A complete lack of it more like but they dont notice the irony or hypocrisy of it of course.

Its always the same.


  1. bbc = big brother corporation

  2. British Broadcasting Correctness.

    Biased Blatant Censorship.

    Bullshit Broadcasting Company.

  3. Biased [Un]Balanced Coverage.

  4. We like diversity as long as you are like us and think like us .