Saturday, 21 February 2009

International Panel on Climate Change:

Just look at this picture.Its a pic of Rajendra Pachauri [a railway engineer] who is the chairman of the IPCC.How can anyone take this seriously ??

I cant tell from the picture if his eyes are rolling around in his head but he looks like he is saying the the big Global Warming monster is going to get you.

Perhaps his medication isnt strong enough.

The IPCC is not an enviromental organisation.Its a political organisation.

William Schlessinger who is the head of the IPCC openly admits that only 20 percent of the entire panel has ever had any dealings or experience or understanding of climate.

In short they are a bunch of whackjobs with NO credibility and who have a political/social engineering agenda that is some kind of weird Liberal "Consensus" with no basis in reality.

Its weird because its as if they believe in some kind of fictional Alice In wonderland type scenario but we must remember that they are all Liberal Cult members.That being the Cult of Global warming.

So like i have been saying all along the IPCC have NO credibility and if there are any dissenters still left in it they should distance themselves from the organisation while they still have some credibility left.A lot have already left.

Everything is going a bit weird these days.

I smell liberal.......

Enviro-Mentalism or the variety that is being pushed by Govts is not about saving the planet.Its just another form of collectivism and its very dangerous indeed.

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