Saturday, 7 February 2009

Removal of the second amendment :

Heres where the fun starts just as predicted.

[I was *totally* wrong to expect a centrist Obama administration as all the leftist insanity is already happening.I was wrong about the stimulus package as well but i was only talking about the tax cuts anyway.Theres no need to raise taxes if cash is printed out of nothing]

MUCH more to add to this later but Rahm Emmanuel is a dual nationality [Israeli] Zionist criminal POS who should be removed from office immediately and all i can say is Democrats will have a fight on their hands.If i was living in the US i would want to own guns now more than ever with these cocksuckers running things especially with a potential Govt Militia "that is as equally well funded as the US military" running around.

Its the job of the executive branch of US govt to protect and uphold the rights of US citzens not restrict them.

If even 5% of gun owners in the US decide to assert their rights as outlined in the second ammendment which the Obama administration have no right to remove then the Liberals will run away like scalded dogs or children.

Obama "wants" military personel to swear an oath of allegience to the office of the President instead of the US Constitution.

Watch this space !!

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