Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lawful rebellion / Birth certificates/Extraction from UK PLC:

Termination of contract to UK Govt PLC currently trading under the name of Alistair Darling PLC.

This is Fact.

There might be a case that is worth taking into a court of law regarding UK birth certificates .This is that your rights were signed away at birth by your parents who signed a birth certificate therefore not only creating a legal title [MR.JOHN SMITH etc etc - A Person] but at the same time transferring over that person to a corporation therefore tieing the person to a corporation - UK PLC - for life by signing a declaration and a contract that the person is subject to the terms and conditions of that corporation I.E all statutes and legislation passed by Govt.

Submitting any application [using your full title/name in block capitals [the Person] plus signature] to any organisation means that if you are accepted then you have signed a form and in signing you have READ and UNDERSTOOD [including the Legalese/doublemeanings] the terms and conditions before signing and when you sign you are implicitly giving your full consent to the terms and conditions and any penalties for breaching those terms and conditions whatever they may be and no matter how unreasonable they may be.

This is what your parents did when they filled in a register of births form upon your birth that entered/created your Person [legal title] into a binding contract with UK PLC.

So the case that is to be presented is that the contract that is included in the wording of a UK birth certificate was signed/ submitted *WITHOUT* your consent.

Is any contract signed on your behalf *WITHOUT* your consent valid ??

Parents have the right to act on your behalf but does that consent stretch to unwittingly signing your life away by the entering into of a contract ?

Or is that "unreasonable" ?

ALL contracts require consent from the individual who gives their consent by signing the contract.This is why it is very difficult to extract yourself from a legally binding contract that you signed.

If someone else entered you into a contract without your consent then thats something different.

There is definately a case here thats for sure for the simple reason you didnt give your consent in the first place.

If the case is a winner as its most certainly valid then if the contract is terminated then you are no longer subject to any statutes and legislature because the contract that ties you to those terms and conditions no longer exists.Not only that but the termination of contract OR destruction of the original signed legal artefact means that the legal definition that is the person [your full name and title] that was created upon the signing of a UK birth certificate will either no longer exist or will have been destroyed.

MASSIVE implications involved here.

I dont have this problem as i wasnt born in the UK and my foreign birth certificate just contains very basic info and contains no transfer of ownership/contract or anything else unless UK naturalisation when becoming a resident meant the signing over of my Person over to UK PLC.Unknown at present but i have an original birth certificate but if that gets lost then a replacement UK birth certificate will most probably replace it as my birth records in Kenya may have been destroyed by now.

Statutes and legislation require your consent that you will abide by them . They are LEGALLY enforcable but not LAW.

Common Law is enforcable by Law.Statutes/Legislation arent enforcable by law.

Legal does not mean Lawful.2 different things entirely.

Enforcement of statutes/legislation requires your consent and unless you are in court over a common law/lawful offence then a court appearence is requested but not mandatory if its over a matter not covered by Common Law.

Police have NO other jurisdiction other than to enforce/uphold Common Law.

Government agents [anyone who works for any Govt agency] should have NO assistance from Police when enforcing any matter concerning UK Govt PLC if its any matter that is outside of Common Law where they have NO jurisdiction.

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