Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Level crossings :

This doesnt really need explaining you would think but it seems like something that is as fundamentally simple as a level crossing does need explaining to the percentage of the UK population who stand there waiting at crossings waiting to cross the road at a crossing even if it is saying in plain english in "Walk" or "cross" or whatever with green lights showing which is a kind of universal language for saying traffic has stopped to allow the dumb idiot who is standing there looking left and right over and over again even though the traffic has stopped so that they can cross the road which rather negates the point of them looking left and right over and over because all they have to do is press a button and wait and then it the lights do the rest for them and then the little sign says "Walk" which is only a 4 letter word and should be easily understandable to anyone that isnt mentally challenged or damaged in any way.

They understand the WAIT bit but dont understand what Walk means.

So why do they continue to stand there at the crossing for after they have stopped the traffic ?

Are they just wasting my time ?

Can i waste some of theirs in return ?

What do they want ?

What are they waiting for ?

WTF is it with these idiots ?

Theres no pleasing them.

Moving traffic so they wait at the side of the road.

Traffic stops and they wait and look at the side of the road.

Do they want an amber light so that they have a 5 second window to chance it before it turns green ?

Do they want a Lollipop woman to stop the traffic and cross the road with them ?

What other options are there ?

Tunnels/subways that go under the road ?

Thats a bad idea so i do not see a solution here at all.

Cattle prods ?

Why is it mostly women that do this ?

Women like to make a big deal out of being able to multitask and do perform any number of mundane mindless tasks at any one given time which is all well and good but others cannot perform one ordinary mindless action like crossing a road which is already made as simple and safe as possible for them anyway.No spacial awareness at all.

These are the women that are never mentioned when the multitasking women crow on about how they can do various things all at the same time which is unremarkable really because as soon as they try and attempt to do anything serious that needs 100% attention and nothing less then the multitasking idea is no longer relevant .


Sometimes the level crossing sheeple after wasting 3 quarters of their alloted time to cross the road decide that finally after all they want to cross the road so they off they go either very slowly which proves that they have no awareness of what is going on around them or they scurry across frantically looking left to right as they go instead of the lights at the crossing and they again have little or no understanding of what they are doing or what is going on around them.

Sometimes you get a whole bunch of them waiting at the crossing when the light is red and traffic has stopped for them when all of a sudden one of them after a certain amount of hesitation decides to think independently of the herd/flock and decides to take matters into his/hers hands and lead by example and crosses the road and when that happens all of the rest of them decide to follow and immediately follow en masse which just goes to show how similar a lot of Humans are to herding animals like sheep etc.

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