Thursday, 19 February 2009

Stefan Lewandowski :

I keep coming across this little shithead on various Pro - UK anti Lisbon treaty - Pro Democracy forums over and over again.There he is with his ugly little face and Hairlip and dead looking eyes.

Look at his creepy half smile .He looks like a Hannibal Lecter type character.There is something inherently creepy about him.

Fucking annoying little Fuck with his sneery derisive comments that add nothing to the debate.He is a Common Purpose Graduate who has delusions of self importance.

It doesnt take much to shut him up usually.

"I spat coffee all over my monitor " and sarcastic comments about "Green Lizards" when no one has mentioned or is even interested in "Green Lizards".

Never mind spitting coffee all over your monitor and tired cliches like that because if i had the opportunity i would his put head through the fucking monitor and connect the stupid Prick up to the power supply and switch it on.

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