Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Protectionism:Spoof Gordon Brown speech:

This is the latest bit of political newspeak being tossed around by our Globalist/NWO Cockroaches/Invertabrates in response to ideas like buying British in order to save a collapsing economy.

"We must not stop outsourcing our jobs overseas.We must not stop investing what little spare cash [taxpayers cash] that we have to spare overseas.We must not put the common interests of the UK first before the interests of the failed intertwined new Internationalist failed global economy etc etc"

"....If we do so we shall find ourselves not slipping back into the outdated political/economic model that is known as "Protectionism".If we change back to our old ways of Protectionism then we shall not be able to collapse the existing economic system and replace it with our progressive singular economic model that is known as Globalism.We must not be pessimists.We must let go of old outmoded political/economic concepts such as individual self governing nation states,national identity,individual economic policy,elected government,so that we can make the transition to a single economic policy,a single currency,a single interconnected banking system,in order to meet the challenges and economic problems that we ourselves have created and in doing so we shall not put the interests of the people first and the needs of individual nation states and instead impose a single unified NWO onto the people in order to serve the interests of a cabal of elitist international bankers........We face new challenges in this new global order in the 21st century and to meet those challenges we shall not waver from our failed global economic policy and we will try our hardest to collapse the existing economic system but we shall continue as that i believe is the aim.We shall not listen to the pessimists or the economists or the people and we will pursue our goal of a New World economic Order and we shall not listen to the Racists ,Xenophobes,Extremists, or worst of all the Protectionists...."


Gordon Brown will now take questions:

Question 1 : "One question : As a UK taxpayer i would very much like to ask this question: Where did the £900 billion of public cash that was creamed off the bank accounts of local councils and police forces etc etc actually go to that was illegally invested abroad/offshore in the failed bank of Iceland go to ? Whose pocket did it go into ? Where has it gone ??

Gordon Brown:What 900 billion ? Oh that 900 billion Oh yes i remember now.The matter is still under investigation and i have no further comment to add apart from forget about it.

No more questions.

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