Saturday, 7 February 2009

Al Gore corrupts 12yr olds :"Dont listen to your parents !"


Link to creepy exploitative speech to 12yr olds :

My comment will follow just as surely as the Sun comes up in the morning.

Why is Al Gore attempting to undermine the authority of parents ??

Social engineering/control ??

This isnt good at all and it stinks of Hitler/Stalin/Chairman Mao and it is in fact nothing more than the use of/exploitation of children to further implement a political agenda.

If i was a parent of a child that attended a talk like this then i would be making my feelings heard to Al Gore.

Ask the parents since they vote and pay taxes.

Why is it that Al Gore WILL NOT debate the issue ??

He hasnt debated the issue ONCE.

"The debate is over !"

It never even started and still hasnt happened.

How about a debate with adults/scientists that involves the use of scientific fact instead of cherry-picked theories and computer models and spurious pseudo science instead of school kids ??

Too busy indoctrinating children who in this case are aged 12 to 14 will soak up anything they are told like a sponge and have never been presented with any FACTS because due to being in a time of "Rapid CChaang-e" havent seen the evidence/consensus that has widely debunked Al Gores THEORY/CLAIM that "Global Warming Pollution" is heating up the planet when the evidence that says otherwise is as plain to see as the nose on your face.

The Earth is cooling.Everyone with a clue knows this but before we know it Al Gore and his followers will change tack and claim that the cooling is caused by the invisible "global warming pollution" blocking out sunlight and is still caused by CO2 [as an example].They will come up with something even if they have to make it up as they go along much like what they are doing now.Taxes wont warm up the planet.Taxes wont cool it down.

They ARE a drain on the planets resources so they should fucking kill themselves.Keep drinking purple grape flavor Kool-Aid and get together and organise a Jonestown Massacre type event on a mass scale and do the planet a favour.

Lets have some more Crackpot schemes AL.

I would like to shut that fucking hole in Al Gores face permanently.

End of the Holocene period AL ?

The contempt i have for Al Gore and this bunch that are rife everywhere and perpetuate this Claptrap wherever they go i am unable to adequately express in words.

Its got FUCK ALL to do with CO2 and he knows it.

"Pay More Taxes and stop the cooling period/Ice Age !!"

Fuck Off and die.

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