Thursday, 12 February 2009

Empty house that was stuffed full of antiques:

The house that is almost dead centre in the picture facing west is not the same house as i remember.the previous house i remember was a beautiful 2 story Edwardian red brick house that was a similar shape and size to the house in the picture without the hard parking area in the front that has taken the place of the front garden.I found the house because a friend lived round the corner and i walked past and noticed that it was empty and abandoned and delapidated with an overgrown garden front and back.I had a look around through the windows then went around the back and noticed that the rear kitchen window was smashed so i climbed in and never in my life have i seen anything like it before or since.

It was like a timewarp and *exactly* as it was in about 1900 or so.Antique furniture ,objects,pictures, everything.Untouched for decades.Everything was covered in dust that was up to a CM deep in places.Unfortunately all of the good stuff like Silver ,valueable pictures,clocks and other small items had already been taken by whoever had broken in.You could see the outline of everything that had been taken because of the dust.I dont even imagine what kind of items they were .The things that they left behind were good enough but no one will ever know what was removed from it after the break in.

I returned another half a dozen times as it was fascinating just looking around at things.

This was 20yrs ago.

The house and its contents would have made an interesting museum.

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