Thursday, 17 September 2009

Pigfaced Bullshitter disinfo video :

"Putting out "

A name and more info would be good.

If she is not scared of “putting it out – Ok?” then she shouldnt be scared of proving that she is in the military.

It looks like she has just bought a khaki Tshirt and a hat and stuck a bluetooth headset or headphones on as that is supposed to look more authentic.

She is right about the vaccine but her intent is to deceive.I also got tired of hearing her saying “Ok ?” and i dint like her slightly condescending tone and she looks a bit like a Pig.

Actually go and look at her Youtube channel.

She is categorically not in the military and certainly not a soldier.She is just one of those Youtube community people with her own little following of subscribers.

Watch the way she looks around and then avoids eye contact with the camera and at one point signals to someone by looking at them and then almost smiles just before she gives out the information.Then she does that weird thing with her mouth and then her eyes wander all over the place.

All this is indicative of the fact that she is lying about being in the military and about the info she is providing.I can see she is lying.

Has anyone seen the rehearsals and simulation exercises involving roadblocks ?

I find it hard to believe that no one has seen them.

If she was worried about “putting this out” then she should have given out her name and rank except that would have just read as unknown.Since intelligence agencies and govt are going to see this anyway then she has blown her cover by making the video so there is no point in not giving out her details.

She didnt though because she is lying and she looks like a Pig and i dont like her eyes and i dont respect people who put out disinformation .

I might have to post some comments on her youtube channel and video .

“If something happens to me…” and all that crap i bet she wont provide her details if it is requested.

Bullshit pigface woman.

All she has done is trot out a well known conspiracy scenario or a possible scenario as if its highly classified information and there is enough disinformation already.

Everyone is going to be tagged with Phoenix Jr Transmitters.Just look at the document and the transmitter at the end of the video.

It looks like something that was found inside a Xmas cracker.

What a laugh.

Fucking Bullshit.

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