Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The woman who knew/sang too much :


I thought i would post this 2 yr old video which is of interest because yet another Bin Laden tape that has been released just the other day.

Hard to believe that the assasination was 2 years ago as time flies but this is why she was assasinated and it was planned and executed to appear that the assasination was the work of a terrorist organisation and its also why the scene of the assasination was "cleaned up" by UK by Intelligence + Scotland Yard operatives who were flown over to Pakistan .

The crime scene was powerwashed down and not actually investigated.


Its Wag The Dog time again !!

Sky news article :


Its pathetic that Bin Laden/Al-CIAda is wheeled out every time that things are not going well in the Homeland/Fatherland [extreme sarcasm].

The same old mindless drivel every time .

"CIA voice recognition technology confirms that the voice on the tape is Bin Laden.."

"More on this breaking story as we get it ...."

It just gets boring and predictable in the end but those who are currently in control will wheel out Osama Bin Laden or produce tape after tape as it justifies the War On Terror Geo-political Agenda and they will carry on doing so for as long as they remain in control.

All very convenient really when you consider that the geopolitical war machine is now expanding into Pakistan and Somalia on the pretext that AL-CIAda are operating out of those 2 countries.

To use an analogy Truth debunkers commonly use against those who are critical of the official version of events on 9/11:

If there is a 50 million USD reward on his head and the most sophisticated and well funded and resourced intelligence agencies on the planet that are apparently looking for him you would think that he would either have been captured and/or that someone might have ratted him out by now but apparently not.

He is dead FFS.

Its a Hegelian Dialectic.

If anyone cant see or understand this then they are a Muppet .

Maintain the heightened state of alert and threats to national security and in turn justify increased military spending and a continuation of the aggressive and unpopular US/UK foreign policy.

Where the fuck is the Stop The War coalition now that the Obama adminstration is in the White House ?

Nowhere as the Messiah is in the White House now and the Messiah so decrees that the occupation of Iraq must continue indefinately.

Pathetic Hypocritical Fuckwitted Dingbats/Moonbats.

Unfortunately the intelligence agencies always forget or neglect to look in the White House and never ever seem to investigate the CFR , the BilderBerg Group ,the Trilateral commission etc which would be where i would be looking as there are plenty in there who would give up information on the names and wherabouts of the real terrorists.Some of the members of these organisations are also complicit in terrorist activities.

And so the bullshit and stupidity continues......

WTF does it matter what i think anyway ?

As after all its the NWOs planet.

I just live on it.

At least in the short term it is but long term predictions indicate otherwise.

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