Thursday, 3 December 2009

Interesting google search :


This is how the ClimateGate files became available to everyone.The emails werent hacked from personal /private computers at all as they all came from one of the 32 million unsecured file servers whose contents are all easily accessible using a google search such as the above.It is perfectly safe to do the search yourself and click on any result and open any file and read it.

You can find all sorts of things and the search results just go on and on and on.....

This is not illegal either and you can access .gov and .mil files this way too.

Its not illegal to click on any google search result.

Theres loads and loads and loads of Mp3 files as well.

Nothing illegal and no hacking involved.

All this Bollox about Russian or Chinese hackers and criminality just makes me laugh but some like the idea of that because it somehow sounds more exotic or mysterious.

Its curious how Govts talk about arresting and prosecuting "Hackers" when its the fault of Google.If a server is unsecured then no hacking has taken place because there was no security and hacking involves breaking through security protocols and firewalls or any electronic security and there is no content available on google that requires a password for access so there was NO hacking involved.

Stupid Sheeple babbling on and getting things wrong as usual...................

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That was supposed to be a xmas tree and snow but it doesnt seem to have translated at all.

Oh Well

never mind.....

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