Thursday, 24 September 2009

Paid/Professional/RentA Trolls :

Just spent a worthwhile couple of hours bashing paid obnoxious activist trolls on a political forum.What fun that was even though its like an inhumane sport but if they are being paid to try and disrupt and spread bullshit and create bad feeling and not to mention a certain amount of entertainment value then its only fair that they should earn their pay by being challenged and called out and outed online.

There has been a rash of these lately but they must really like being publically humiliated and i enjoy humiliating them.

They dont like the forum yet they keep coming back and posting comments that are full of slander and insults and generalistions.

Wheres "Amon Ra" ?? I keep calling his name but he isnt answering anymore.I guess he bit off more than he could chew.

I usually redirect them to Democratic Underground/ThinkProgress/ which are more condusive to their needs.Direct them back to who is paying them.

Govt/Intelligence agency/Mossad operatives "intelligensia" are chickenfeed.

One was persistant though and it took 15 posts to shut him up .Good thing i am persistant.

If they have my details on file then i dont care particularly.Let them try it....

They have an unfortunate but predictable habit of not replying to my questions online which is an admission of failure on their part.

A typical example is RJP3 whose myspace page and profile i found after a quick search:

This is the Myspace profile of a juvenile 18 yr old with a Mickey Mouse law qualification from a Mickey Mouse college and who attended a Mickey Mouse school.

"I am bobby and i am awesome !...."

I posted this link and his name multiple times on various threads so that everyone can have a look at it themselves and laugh like i did.

Whoever is paying him to post his Crap might as well employ Mickey Mouse as he would probably be better at Trolling than this waste of space.I wouldnt pay this waste of space 10p and if i did i would want a refund.

If i have nothing better to do and i come across more of these hateful ,disruptive and attn seeking little govt loving Sociopathic Cunts then i am going to go all the way with them and rip them to bits and use every bit of venom and ferocity i can relentlessly and run them out back to where they come from.Once i get my teeth into something i wont stop.

These are not misunderstood people who dont fit or people who just dont understand.These are hateful ,and slanderous little cunts that are traitors that deserve everything that is going to be coming to them.They are not worth saving .

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