Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Obama song :

Inspired by this:

and many others like it here is a song if the above could be loosely described as a song or the words to that i wrote because i had nothing better to do that was inspired by the kind of songs that are sung on a daily basis by children in elementary schools in the United States.

There’s a sound of No Change
Blowing in the chemtrails
It’s a sound that started long ago

By those who plan to kill your dreams
Fighting against freedom
With a passion for "Change"
and No "Hope" of better days

They had a scheme
They had a plan
for an enemy to divide this nation
All together as one

The journey begins with indoctrination
implementing an agenda
And hijacking a nation
Indemnity and indentured servitude
and violation of its constitution

Obama is the president
A house of corruption upon Capitol hill
Will be his residence
The end of Liberty ,democracy and opportunity
will be a historic precedent

Darknesss in their hearts
And plans to
To divide and conquer
To scheme and instigate
To create a New World Order
Not just in our land
But all over the world
By destroying sovereignty and borders

” Yes we can…..
Make a difference
If we unite
Together and install the Globalist New World Order ”
THe people they will follow
Like lambs going to the slaughter

This is the scheme
This is the Abomination
With its plans to ruin this nation
By bankruptcy and bailouts
And Greenback hyperinflation

The journey begins with subjegation
And exploitation of the poor
To shaping a never ending war
And total disregard for law

There’s a Kenyan fake messiah
An actor and a liar
His voice will be the media
Hope and change will be the mantra
Of a new Globalist empire

Do you hear the sound

Of Tyranny

Do you hear the sound

Of children singing his name ?

Do you hear the sound

Of voices shouting “HAIL OUR GREAT LEADER” ?




The Barack Obama Elementary indoctrination School


Obama the musical should be out by Xmas.

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