Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And now the bad news :


So what if its Fox News ?

STFU and just listen to what Judge Napolitano is saying as he is usually correct.

Handover the US economy to the FED wholesale.

Fascism - The merger of banks and corporation and Govt.

Why not try debating and pushing/promoting this handover of power to the FED at Town Hall meetings instead of a Federal Hall meeting and see how far you get MrPresident ?

Totally predictable and EXACTLY what i expected.

Actually its pathetic.

Why not give the root cause of the current economic problems more power and control over the US and world economy.They dont outwardly directly control worldwide economic policy and banking practices but they have a huge amount of influence over it but covertly they actually control it directly and indirectly.

Now what could possibly be wrong with this proposal ?

What could be/is beneficial to everyone about this proposal ?

I have only just been informed about this but i cant wait to hear the spin and the official Govt justification for this proposal.

The 40,000+ US based factories and businesses that have moved overseas to China in the last year arent going to be affected by this proposal thats for sure.

Its going to be interesting................

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