Monday, 14 September 2009

Sept 12th 2009 protests :

This is just the beginning.

This is what the Operation Mockingbird Muppet Media dont show you :

[ignore the Glenn Beck link in one of the videos as it really doesnt have that much to do with Glenn Beck as Glenn Beck is bought and paid for Media Muppet who is trying to claim that he is behind this protest which is absolutely not the case]

Saying that it is all about Glenn Beck just implies that no one can think independently without being told what to do by mainstream media .

Change you can believe in :

The George Sore-Ass Think Progress followers got it all wrong as well as they always do as they dont seem to understand that this protest and movement is not about left/right politics but they have a Racism fixation and are only interested in allegedly offensive placards that deface the messiah and complaining that the majority of the protestors are white which is hard to avoid considering that Whites make up the largest sector of the population so by default there are going to be more whites than Blacks or hispanics but of course they ignore the blacks and hispanics or whatever who attended this protest and who work hard spreading the message that this protest is all about.

They were there but by default they were fewer of them .

Stupid morons.They have a fixation with Racism and Color and they are the idiots who just wont shut up and stop talking about it which proves that their philosophy creates more and perpetuates division because their politics are ultimately divisive.

Theres no reasoning with George Sore-Ass followers as they complain about Racism and complain about divisions and complain about how Whites dont integrate with blacks and all the rest of it but when a movement that is all inclusive and non discriminatory is growing and demonstrably uniting everyone under one cause which is to take down the NWO and out of control Federal govt that is nothing more than a Fascist organisation that bends over to Bankers and big business and which is destroying personal freedom and liberty and which has collectivly stolen from and sold out the people that it falsely claims to represent they dont like it.

Its all about Freedom and NOT all about Healthcare and the criticisms of the Healthcare scheme are on the whole a reflection of the distrust of the Obama adminstration.

Its all about purging the political system of the criminal filth who inhabit it that dont reprresent us anymore and think that they can treat us like rubbish and get away with it.

Sore-Ass followers have 2 choices.They can either join in or they just become part of the problem as they are becoming increasingly irrelevent.

Its difficult to reason with idiots.

Anyway close on 2 million attended this protest but its worth considering that this has just started and for every individual who attended there are 10 + more who couldnt attend for whatever reason not to mention X amount of the silent majority who havent even voiced their opinion yet on forums or by attending protests.

I just wish i was there instead of here because the majority seem to be either too passive or are too zombified or apathetic to ever change anything.

This is just the beginning....

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