Wednesday, 30 December 2009

US Senator Harry Reid:

If it looks like a Nazi - Talks like a Nazi - Thinks like a Nazi and acts like a Nazi you can be certain that it is a Nazi.

He does rather have the look of a Nazi Scientist or war criminal about him.

Us Senator Harry Reid otherwise known as the Angel of Death a bit like Mengele or one of those types.

Wanted for crimes against Humanity !

Shut Up Slave and take your painkillers because you are no longer economically viable and you are past your productiveness so NO treatment or operations for you !!

Its Fascism so shut up complaining you stupid slaves and instead be a happy productive little citzen/slave as big govt will look after you.

What choice do you have ?

None so Shut Up !

The curious thing about this US "socialised" Healthcare issue is that EVERY SINGLE TIME i posted a comment about it on the PP forum that was pointing out certain facts about socialised healthcare in the UK and private sector healthcare in the UK which despite the fact that the NHS is mismanaged by Govt departments my comments were praising the system we have in the UK and how the NHS and healthcare in general in the UK involves the trivial matter of the patient having the CHOICE of wether to have private or NHS treatment it was deleted.

Curious really.

Obviously that choice that you have in the UK is relative to yourself being able to afford private healthcare but you cannot deny that choice exists in the UK rather than in the US where you have NO CHOICE.

Also the NHS works in conjunction with the private sector and sometimes this can be a good thing or a bad thing particularly when the UK taxpayer finds that they are subsidising the private sector which falls roughly under the description of mismanagement.

Its typical that the morons in the OBama administration chose not to study the UK health system because they could have learnt a lot from it and based their own socialised healthcare system on it but of course since they are inherently stupid they think they no best when they dont.Stupidity and Delusional behaviour and arrogance always work together rather like love and marriage or low pressure weather systems that involve strong wind , cloud and rain.You cannot seperate them apart.

This Nazi SlimeBall Fascist Reid rams this bill through congress and adds various clauses to it in private meetings that involve "For all eternity to come..." clauses just like the Nazis and the EU have used in the past.

NO discussion - NO debate.

Will Senator Harry Reid have to wait up to 18 months for an operation for example ?

Of course not !

How many more facelifts will that filthy decrepit Botoxed Hag Pelosi have that are paid for by taxpayers ?

Probably loads.

Typical Liberal sucking off the TIT of the public purse from the cradle to the grave.


Heres an article that explains this BS :

Regarding "for all eternity to come" clauses history proves that there is NO such thing.

How long did Hitlers T4 clauses last ?

Only as long as the Hitler adminstration was in office as they were junked soon afterwards once Hitler had left office which is why i talk about arrogance and stupidity.

After all its only Legislation and no matter how often these arrogant and delusional Cunts pass this kind of rubbish it doesnt have any superiority over the guidelines that are clearly outlined in the US constitution but as i have often said in the past this kind of political garbage have a complete disregard for decency - publiclly while in office or otherwise and a complete disregard for the Law of the land [Constitution] which is meant to rein in this kind of filth that are in office in the US but they circumvent it instead.

Fucking Nazi/communist Filth.

After pride and hubris and arrogance we will see a fall.

Just you wait and see.......

Those who fail to learn from the lessons of the past will repeat it and they will go the same way as all the other tyrannical filth that litter the history books.

This is partly why certain individuals that are historical revisionists like to rewrite history.It wont make any difference as its futile as the sleeping giant that is the people is starting to wake up .

Besides the Internet makes historical revisionism and state control of the flow of information redundant.

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