Saturday, 21 November 2009

The scariest video you will ever see !!

I couldnt post this comment in the comments section of Youtube because the word count is too long and its blocked for whatever reason.

The argument /choice in that video is flawed and its not a "silver bullet".

It only applies to the theory/hypothesis that climate change [it should be AGW or ACC] is caused by human activity and its saying that its better to do the wrong thing if AGW turns out be false because the result of that is only more govt,more taxation,and a reduction in manufacturing etc etc as opposed to do nothing resulting in the hypothesised end of civilisation.

It doesnt address the theory/fact that its a natural cycle or phenomena.It mentions the fact that "Climate Change" [AGW] could be false but stops there.The point i am making here is it doesnt cover the angle that climate change is natural and therefore unpreventable.

Heres another addition to that apparently flawless reasoning :

Why not use sound science that isnt being skewed to justify a social engineering/political agenda and do the RIGHT thing as regards policy making and taxation rather than doing something that is based on furthering a political agenda that is revenue collection or a racket.

That would make more logical sense to me and the argument in the video does not take into account the corrupt political system and the names and organisations that are involved in the apparent choice that we have to make.

Not to mention that the whole argument there is basically a huge what if ?

Thats not really a strong enough argument to justify handing over more power to govt and more draconian measures as a result because its not based on sound science.

Another angle is it doesnt achieve anything to continue with Cap and Trade if the science it is based on turns out to be spurious because you end up with the negatives like bigger govt and taxation plus what you will be effectively doing is stealing or directing resources and cash away from legitimate enviromental problems that are going on.

Finally we dont have a choice regarding Cap N Trade and Green EuroTaxes which the EU themselves admit will be used to “Rebuild the economy” when i thought that the revenue was to be used for enviromental purposes.


Lets say we all do the right thing and all support Cap and Trade [despite it being based on spurious science] then how do we know that our cash in the form of tax revenue isnt being misappropriated given the names and nature of the organisations involved ?

Nice try with the video but its a Fail because it doesnt take enough or any factors into consideration and besides i dont buy into making decisions based on fear because that can lead to very poor or unsound judgement.

Besides climate change is real and its AGW or ACC that is still being debated so i wish these people would be more specific because arguing against Climate Change is ignorant and inane as opposed to arguing against AGW or ACC which is perfectly valid as its subject to scientific study and research.

Science is not a lottery so comparing it to one is inane because if a decision was based on sound science there wouldnt be any risk or the risk would be significantly reduced.

So what if this soft Puppy is concerned that ManBearPig or the Carbon Monster is hiding under his bed and giving him nightmares ?



Besides the whole video is a sales pitch for flogging books so the creator of the video wants me to spend time distributing it and creating free advertising.

Fuck OFF you Bonehead.

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