Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Detroit bombing :

Article :

Does anyone take this SHIT seriously ??

"Govt admits that it knew about its staged event weeks before it happened "

"Govt intelligence agencies attempt to cover up sloppy false-flag event by claiming that it recieved intelligence prior to the event"

"Govt stages sloppy false flag to justify its incursions into the Yemen "

Why is this event being described as a "bombing" when no bombs were detonated ?

The use of the word "Bombing" is a word to be used in the past tense that implies that a bomb went off so if a bomb didnt go off then the use of the word bombing is clearly incorrect.

More doublespeak !!


If this individual wasnt known to have explosives stuffed up his arse then the incident could have been blamed on an inflight meal !!



No oil in the Yemen as they are poor in resources and everything else and are heavily in debt to the International MotherFucker Fund who have been making demands on them because they cant pay it back and forcing them to surrender to all sorts of unreasonable demands and attempting to sieze what little assets they have in return for the non payment of debt.They have also been subject to years of being harrassed by Western Economic Hit-Men and because they are not co-operating with the International Mafia Fuckers they are being attacked by the Obama administration over spurious associations with AL-CIAda.

Also now Faux News are trying to link this event with IRAN.

If any of you cant see through all this nonsense then you are terminally fucking stupid and i pity you as well as having utter contempt for you.

QUICK !! Rollout those Body Scanner X Ray machines !!

Everyone get Cancer from repeated exposure to X Rays !!

Everyone line your clothes with Tinfoil and use Tinfoil Hats to Fuck up the machines !!

Shiny side facing out as well - Very important !!

Send that Radiation back to where it came from !!

These machines will also lower sperm counts and that type of thing.

The Department of Homo/Heterosexual Salaciousness/Security/Homeland Insecurity/Heightened Security/[DHS] are going to love this what with all the minimum wage sex offenders and Paedophiles and other assorted filth that they employ are going to be enjoying themselves now what with scanning all those adults and children !!

Hegelian Dialectic.

I cant be bothered with this Horseshit for now but i will be back.

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