Thursday, 11 October 2007

Why i cant work with idiots:

Today i walked away from a project as i ran out of patience.It was all about economics and how so called business people fail to grasp the concept of investing in order to then save themselves a lot of money.The project is a disaster.It is a disorganised ,untidy, unplanned ,chaotic fuck up of a project due to the entire workforce and *the management* of course.Where would we be without management ? Well probably a lot better off and a lot further forward in the project.This is what happens when people play with things that they just dont understand.Its almost completely unsalvagable.It is a grade one listed building but it a wreck now.

For example if you are for no good reason going to remove all the architectural detailing like skirtings, architraves,window shutters etc then it is standard practise to number and photograph everything so that you can reinstate it to where it belongs instead of having to do your own detective work like matching up nail holes in an effort to work out what goes where.Also it doesnt help at all if you just stack up all the aforesaid fittings in random places scattered all over the site .What happens then? One of your labourers will tidy up or throw it all away.In the best case scenario it will be scattered around everywhere and no one will know what belongs where any more.

As if all that wasnt bad enough you have the destruction of all the ceilings and plasterwork mouldings. This neednt have happened in the first place if they had any sense.Instead they let a labourer attempt to strip the heavy embossed victorian paper off the ceiling instead of leaving it alone as it is a feature in itself.The labourers were so aggressive in their attempts to remove it that they destabilised the entire ceiling so much so that it collapsed and fell to the floor.We are talking a ceiling expanse of 50 foot by about 30 feet.There were bits of plasterwork scatterd about everywhere.Its a disaster.

Also they same to have an obsessive compulsive disorder about stripping everything of paint.this takes an enormous amount of time and they are using Peel Away at 30 quid for a small tub.They have got through enormous amounts of it.They also didnt know that you have to neutralise it with Vinegar either.They dont seem to know anything at all.

Everything they have done is arse about face.

The upshot of it all is that with their lack of knowledge and their attitude of save a penny ,end up spending a pound financial sense they have ruined the whole project.

For 90 quid an hour for probably 40 hours work that would have totalled 3600 quid [5000 to them] i could have saved them 100,000 quid.Perhaps a lot more than that.There would also be a lot more of the building left as well.

It doesnt take much to work out how stupid they are with money.

Then after all that they cant *afford* the cost of reinstating it .It shouldnt have come down in the first place.

They have done their best to sabotage themselves and the project financially and otherwise.They are required by law to reinstate everything that they have destroyed or lost.Its going to cost a lot to reinstate it.

Its enough to make me want to tear my hair out.

I find people who refuse to listen absolutely exasperating not to mention their skewed warped and perverse logic.Its easier just to walk away and throw in the towel.If they call back i am not interested as i dont like being pissed around etc.

I am sick and tired of helping people with their broken down buildings and i am sick of working for them.

So thats it. I will find another income or just work for english Heritage or do my own projects.

I am sick of waiting to be paid.I want paying immediately like you do in a shop.I am sick of them pulling the rug from under my feet.I am sick of people who watch too many TV property programmes and think they know it all.I am just sick of depending on someone else for work.Their are just too many outside factors to take into consideration and i dont like not being in control of something as i dont trust others to not fuck things in some way for whatever reason.If i am in control of a project i know whats going on.If some other fuckwit is in control of it then i dont and thats when the problems start.Its simple.

So i have had enough. Thats it. Goodbye.

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