Friday, 26 October 2007

Spooky Halloween story:

This happened in a place called St.Helens Woods in hastings .I used to live there in St.helens Park Road which is on the doorstep.

Myself and 2 friends decdided to go for a nightwalk up to the woods as was the case sometimes. It was summer ,warm and very still.

We went to a place called the Black Pond which is in a field with a circle of oak trees in it which are very old indeed.The whole place just feels very old and mysterious and is my favourite place to go to there.It is next to two very old trackways.

Moving on to the event: We had been in the field for about 45 minutes when we sat down under one of the trees.We were in the middle of the field facing upwards to the higher end of the field which ended with a very old iron fence and woods the other side. I think it was just after midnight by now. After a while i noticed something moving up by the fence on the other side of it.So i watched it as i was very curious by now as to what it was.It seemed to be very large and obviously a dog and quite stocky.A bit like a rottwieller and roughly about twice the size or more.It had quite short hair that was jet black. Now,those eyes,they were glowing a sort of dark orange colour.Although they glowed,no light shone out of them at all.If you want to scare yourself a bit then light 2 cigerettes,turn all the lights off,look at the burning ends of them and it will give you an idea of what they looked like in the dark. It was moving about a lot for about 10 minutes and it seemed to be watching us as it was moving up and down and loking at us inbetween the bars in the fence.After another few minutes it just seemed to disapear or maybe we just couldnt see it anymore.We were sitting about 50- 70 feet away from it when it was there. So i said to the others "did you see what i just saw?' to which James said yes. So i asked what that was. He then described exactly the same as what i had seen. I didnt say a word about anything while it was happening as i was too busy watching it. Steve who was also there didnt see anything at all and was unaware of anything.
We left very shortly after and went back to mine just down the road.
I didnt feel scared at all when i saw it, more curious really although i am in no doubt it was demonic in nature. It is what is known as an Elemental . These sightings are never common,in fact they are very rare indeed, but there are recoreded sightings of these things all over the british isles.

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