Saturday, 20 October 2007


I just read the latest post on Steves Blog on the Bog and i feel compelled to add some of my thoughts on the subject of drinking and other enjoyable pastimes.

The government in this country is beginning to seriously get on my tits.I am getting a little bit sick of the nanny state and so are a lot of others.I do not accept in any way the government intruding into my life ,my lifestyle,my spare time,my habits and vices when i choose to go to bed or the colour of my underwear on any particular day or the food i choose to eat.

So here we go: Stay the fuck out of my life and dont dare to presume to tell me how to live and all the rest of it.You leave me alone and i will leave you alone.Simple.

Collectivly you are nothing more than parasites in my opinion stealing from the populace while lording it over them in some sort of sub feudal fashion.

What i cannot accept and will never accept are liars and hypocrites.Hypocrisy is the last refuge of those who are weak.Weak is what politicians dare to tell me how much i can and cannot drink for example while at the same time you dont mind the tax revenue of course.

You yourselves have about 7 different bars to drink from in the house of commons all subsidised by the tax payer to the extent that you only pay 1970s prices for it.

Liars ,cheats and hypocrites>

Just who are your guidelines on healthy drinking aimed at?

Fair enough drinking in excess has become a social ill these days with certain sections of the public in this country but i dont fall into your demographic so go and sort them out instead and save your preaching for th0ose who cant seem to behave themselves after a few.By the way you politicians yourselves fall into the same category as those cretins anyway.Why do i say this ? How do i know?

well i have seen you and members of your political party that chooses to pollute the town with your presence every 4 years ago for conferences which translates to an exercise in eating and drinking as m uch as you possibly can in the space the space of 4 days.I saw one or a few of you throwing up outside of the grand hotel while you were pissed.Not to worry,some underpaid minion will clear up after you.

So listen Mr weak willed parasitic establishment yes person hypocrite if i want your advice i shall ask for it .Until then fuck right off and dont come back as you are the last people i will look to for guidance on anything .

If you wish to save money then cut back on some of your own expenses like free private health care for example courtesy of the tax payer.

Isnt it funny that you are all so busy telling everyone else what to do that you neglect your own duties as public servents and running the country.

I havent been to a doctor for anything worse than blocked ears in 20 years so obviously i know about good health so charge me directly for healthcare in future.I already have a private dentist instead of NHS so i am saving you money anyway.

What does a politician do when they are ill ? They go and see a private consultant and the tax payer pays for it.Thats what happens.They dont even use the NHS system at all.I know a bit about this is i have known a couple of private consultants in my time.

Isnt it funny that politicians only see things in terms of pounds ,shillings and pence and nothing else?

How much is my life calculated to be worth according to politicians when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? 50p ?

How much is my life worth when compared to a parasite in a suit [politician] when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? Probably about a thousandth of the cost of a politician.

I dont like low class chav thug scum.I dont like fat people who stuff their faces.I dont like drug addicts and junkie scum.I dont like people who cannot drink responsibly and cause havoc on the streets and abuse NHS staff i n A+E.

The fact is though like it or not they are here to stay and by default they have a right to healthcare by being citzens of the UK.Thats what makes this country unique in that respect .The NHS was given to the people of this country as a reward for enduring the hardships of the war etc.Its not there as some plaything for politicians to fuck about with and sabotage to the extent that it is falling apart.Its there for the people.Stupid ,fat or whatever.

What an insult that politicians have actually sat there and calculated everyones cost to the state as if they are some sort of expense in which to cut back on in future.

Tonight i am going to drink the amount that it suits me to drink.I will be the judge of how much i can drink not anyone else.No doubt i will exceed the guidelines of the namby pamby lightweight nanny state.Thats just tough but i never asked for the advice in the first place.Fuck all that 1.5 units shit as well.

I take care of my own health and have always done so.

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