Friday, 26 October 2007

Girlfriends house:

The house by the road with the pool terrace is where one of my first girlfriends house if i can call her that in Cooden near Bexhill.When i lived in Hastings i got to know all these rather nice girls who were very middle class.Bloody nice posh totty.They all used to come over at weekends because Cooden has nothing going on for them.It doesnt even have a town centre.I think the town centre is a post box not forgetting the train station.

I went out with a girl called Leander for a short while.Its her house in the pic.I went to her house once on a saturday and met her mum at the same time.I had been told that her mum ,Valda was a complete and utter snob.

Anyway her mum just thought i was some bit of rough as i looked a bit scruffy and when it got to the evening it was clear that she just couldnt wait to get rid of me.Her Mum kept overemphasising how it was very important for Leander to concentrate on her schoolwork and education etc and not get distracted as it was costing rather a lot of money.Basically they didnt want me to know their Princess.So her Dad offered to give me a lift home to Hastings.

"Oh tell me Peter whereabouts in Hastings do you live ? " She asked in the snottiest condescending manner as if she was royalty.

So i said St.Helens Park Road.

Oh How jolly nice !! Thats Lovely !!! Thats Where our friends the Archer - burtons live !!!!

It was just funny how in that short space of time her attitude changed just because of a post code.

I never really saw her again after that thanks to her snotty mum.

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