Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kids for Obama against America Launch/Pizza will be served:

Draw a picture of the White house with a red flag with a hammer and sickle flying above.

Why not lower the voting age and have done with it ?

The following is from the Obama08 website:

Check out the Kids for Obama
Starter Kit!

Below you will find a list of activities children 12 and under can do to get involved. To start, print out our Logo Coloring Sheet, color it in and display at your house or in your school.

The kick-off event for Kids for Obama was held in River Forest, IL.; Barack; kids for obama; Obama;
10 Ways Kids for Obama can get involved:

* Create a Kids for Obama Group on For example, Chicago Kids for Obama or DC Kids for Obama and throw a party!
* Write a letter or editorial to your local news paper, expressing "Why Barack Obama should become the next US President".
* Find a Pen Pal - it could be in your school, city, state, or another state. Write and discuss different ways you can get involved.
* Draw a picture of Senator Barack Obama or "an expression of Democracy". For example, the Senator sitting in the White House or working on Capitol. Hill. You can send your drawing to the Obama for America Campaign Headquarters in Chicago and it will be posted for the Senator to see.
* Implement T-Shirt Thursday. Get friends to wear an official Obama for America T-Shirt to school.
* Take an adult (voting age) to the polls on Election Day and encourage them to vote for you, by voting for Senator Obama.
* Post an official Obama for America Campaign sticker/logo on your school bag.
* Wear an Obama for America Campaign button and/or clothing.
* Host a Senator Barack Obama House Party or sleep-over.
* Contribute to the Kids for Obama Blog .

Todays activities:

And before we start kids we will all say "all hail our Glorious Leader" 5 times !!

And remember kids if you do this you will get all the Pizza and fizzy pop and chocolate you could ever eat !!

Get some of your schoolfriends together and talk to your parents and convince them of all the benefits of Mass Murder ,widespread slave labour ,human rights violations,abolition of private property ,heavy progressive income tax,abolition of rights of inheritence,confiscation of property rights,central banking,government ownership of communications,factories and agriculture,government control of Labour,government control of education,government censorship,government sponsored murder and persecution of anyone who speaks out against the evils and Amorality of Communism.

Dont forget kids tell your parents all about Josef Stalin who murdered over 40 million russians "for the good of the state".

Tell them that Obama is a Duplicitous Traitorous Lying Amoral Cocksucker and tell them that Obama wants to destroy the US with communism and tell them that communism is a failed ideology that only ever results in Horror ,Atrocity and Death and tell them they will never vote ever again and that the power of the State will be absolute and that they can kiss everything they know and take for granted goodbye and they will exist only as Serfs under Communist rule.Tell them there will be no more Capitalism.

Last of all kids tell your parents about Kids for Obama and how Kids for Obama exploits children for its own ends like it always is with dodgy regimes.

Tell your parents and friends to post Obama Against America posters ,stickers, everywhere they can to get the message across.

Tell them Red is the new red white and blue.

Last of all though and before we finish up we will all draw a picture of "an expression of Democracy" just to remind ourselves of how things used to be before the glorious 2008 Communist Revolution.

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