Monday, 21 July 2008

Moron Obama Stasi/Nazi youth :

This gets more scary.

A Domestic National security force equally well funded and well equipped as the military.

That was not an exact quote of what was included in a speech by that Piece Of Shit "Democrat !!!!"Communist frontman Barak Obama.

Imagine various types of criminal types , Retards , low life, Useful Idiots ,Gang members , The Crips and the Fucking Bloods and all the rest running around with armbands and badges and berets harrassing ,intimidating and bullying innocent civilians just like in China under Chairman Mao ,East Germany,Nazi Germany,Russia under Stalin are just some examples.As well as teenagers !! apparently.

All sanctioned by the state.

I cant see it working and quite honestly a bunch of untrained kids with no brains and no experience of combat who wouldnt even be able to handle the recoil of a gun are just going to get shot at themselves and i would probably do the same as well.Not to kill but just to incapacitate them and put them out of action permanently.

Nail The Fuckers.

Its a disgrace that this idea is even being mentioned but its not surprising and thats the sad thing.

Total media blackout regarding this announcement and the Obama website has removed all reference to it from its website as its illegal under the constitution as it is at present and my guess is that Obama has let the cat out of the bag far too early and it has been swept under the carpet.

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