Wednesday, 30 July 2008

This is what i think of socialism :

"Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed," Obama Sr. wrote. "I do not see why the government cannot tax those who have more and syphon some of these revenues into savings which can be utilized in investment for future development."

[ Quote from a book by the father of Barak Hussein Osama Obama ]

Just like Tony Blair Obama is an empty vessel waiting to be filled up with Dogma and Ideaology with no original ideas of his own.

A person of weak character who cannot be trusted to do the right thing and are easily manipulated by "Radicals".

There is Fuck All that is Radical about this kind of Ideaology.

That is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard.I notice he says "Theoretically".Fucking Try IT Anytime.

Tax Revolt

You pay 100% tax to the government but you get it all back from the state after it has all been redistributed "To the people" which means you are working for the government/socialist dictatorship in return for most probably a Shit Deal in return or you never actually see any cash at all as all you get are food stamps and benefits while being nannied to death by the state.

Fuck that idea.

Where is the incentive to leave school with no qualifications and achieve something ?

Aaah yes i know by working harder and earning more in benefits then you might just be able to maintain a better lifestyle than all the rest of the Proles after supporting just about everyone else while at the same time swearing allegience to the state and being grateful for what the government decides you shall have while earning Extra Privelages for being a Productive citzen instead of sitting aound doing fuck all or working in a factory or something like that.

We are stronger together and we must work together to meet our glorious 5 year plan.

His father sounds like an absolute idiot with an axe to grind.

2 Tier Hypocritical Socialism .

Socialism for the Proles.No middle Class

The Glorious State seizes all your assets.

And the very rich and big business etc and the Elites skim off all the cream off the top of the milk and get everything and most probably can do what they like.

Fuck the Left and Socialism.


Fuck IT All.

You NEVER EVER hear anything form these Left Wing Retards about Workers Co OPs though Do You ?????

Profit sharing for those who work for the company and a share in the company ???

Which i fully endorse.

Naah the state wants to nick it all or keep it in the hands of the Greedheads and Fatcats who wont be paying heavy taxes under socialism by the way.They dont in china .They just exploit instead.

Never ever thats because these Liberal Nanny State Fucking BedWetting Docile FuckTard Sheep are not capable of thinking for themselves in any capacity as they want the state to do all that for them as they are of such weak character and intellect that they have not got what it takes to make something of themselves so they prefer to get it all given to them on a plate while others who work hard have to support them because they are too weak to look after themselves and survive in the Human Jungle so all the Apex Predators have to support them.

The only people who want socialism are those who have nothing and those who survive by sucking off the tit of the state all their fucking useless lives.

So run along all you Weak Little FuckTard Left Wing Hive Mind Sheep and dont wet the bed and dont forget if you really like Socialism then fuck yourselves off to The Peoples Republic OF China and dont fucking come back .Get a real taste of what socialism is all about and then maybe you might all wake up and grow up and take some responsibility for yourselves for once and then drop all your leftwing garbage failed ideaology that you should have left behind in the fucking student common room.

And yes a modicum of socialism in a western capitalist society is absolutly fine and is the sign of a civilised society but anymore is NOT.Like the Welfare State and the NHS and all the rest and social housing.

Isnt that enough ??

I live in a town full of Lazy FuckTard Sheep who just want to live by the sea and Doss who refuse to work ,have never worked and are pretty much unemployable and it just drags me down.Little Children.

Its supposed to be there if you are out of work and not a lifestyle choice.They would rather be poor and have no responsibilities than work.



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