Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What goes around comes around - What goes around comes around - everything is cyclical :

Beware the Red Menace !!

We seem to be entering into another Cold War with the Ruskies again.

Its very ironic that the country that criticises Muslims for being extremists is itself fighting or about to be fighting 4 seperate wars with 4 seperate countries.Iraq Afghanistan , Iran , and more than likely Russia.

What a hypocrisy.

Both Obama and McCain are unfit for office for the same but different reasons.

McCain likes to crack jokes in public about killing Iranians no doubt indiscriminatly.

They may have been jokes but the sentiment behind it isnt.Its sick .

McCain also openly comments that another 9/11 would be very good news politically concerning the elections in November.

WTF !!

What kind of message do comments like that send out ?

There is something very seriously wrong with politics today when you hear comments like that.

Republicans and their rabid brainless supporters are a load of hypocritical amoral Nazi Cocksuckers who if there was any justice would all be tried and prosecuted in a court of law .The Republican supporters should be charged with aiding and abetting criminals like Nazi collaborators.

The Berlin Wall came down but Communism never collapsed.That was all a myth.

Every government particularly the US needs an enemy to justify its existence to a large extent.There was a period of relative peace with Clinton then GW Bush was elected who was really a proxy for his father who couldnt stand for a third term.G W BUsh couldnt organise jack shit which is why he was being directly controlled by his father.I sure was right when i said that if GW Bush got elected that there would be war or wars but i didnt anticipate the 9/11 scenario although it was never out of the question.

9/11 was a false flag like the burning of the Reichstag or the Gulf of Tomekin was as the precursor of the Vietnam war.Thats how these people work .They create the problem then offer the solution.

Problem - Reaction - Solution = Simple Psychology.

The thing is with 9/11 is the whole thing was very very badly executed.

There are more holes in the official version of events than a lump of swiss cheese.

The idea was to pull of something so audacious and outragous that it would unite the whole of the US behind the government to fight the terrorists and lose all their rights and shred the constitution all for the sake of fighting the enemy within that being the terrorists.The Bush administration hides behind plausible deniability.

The very first thing i thought when the WTC got hit was in my own words "The US had better change its Foreign Policy !! " but then the 3 buildings fell and that was it.The game was up then.So i was taken in by it up until that point but they blew it by going too far with the controlled demolitions.

This has all been done before with Adolf Hitler etc.

The thing is is everyone has got a bit tired of it all now and there is more and more cynicism regarding 9/11.More and more are seeing through the lies.

I actually listened to a recorded [private and unofficial]conversation between Donald Rumsfeld and whoever else was in the room [I dont know who that was] and i thought Donald Rumsfeld was out of office but that doesnt mean they are not still active unofficially but anyway the point of the conversation was that Donald Rumsfeld was stressing the need for another event or incident to get the public behind the Neocons again as he was only too aware that the public was becoming jaded with Terrorism and were beginning to question things.It just goes to show how slow they are when i questioned it immediatly as soon as it happened a bit like the tortoise and the Hare only this time the Hare got there first and waited years for the Tortoise to catch up again.

Anyway the general opinion is that there might be another staged event before the US elections in November so the Bushcons get the vote.Personally i dont think they will as there is just too much cynicism now and they wouldnt dare do that twice in a row but we will see.

At the moment i would say it is pretty much 50/50 either way.

I say not as there is now another common enemy instead which is the Russians again.Vladimir Putin is old school hardline Soviet and the Russians really dont like the US setting up missile shields in Poland and Czechoslovakia.The US has paid the Poland $1 billion to set up a base in Poland.The Russians have threatened to attack if the US sets a base up in Czecheslovakia.

Its interesting to see when you look the map of the failed EU superstate you will see that the EU goes as far as it can before it hits a wall when it borders onto Russia.

Just like Hitler all over again.

Russia isnt having any of it.

So here we are back to the days of the cold war again.

I say that but the previous Cold War was really just an exercise to increase research and development and fuelling of the arms race and military spending .

This time its a little different but ultimatly its the same shit on a different day and a return to stability regarding the old East/west scenario.

Russia is strongly affiliated with China and Iran who are at odds with the US and Europe.

Russia is very far from being a has been country as they sit on vast reserves of natural resources.

Its like the Cuban Missile Crisis all over again.

Relations were going well with the Russians before all this started.This is because of the imaginary threat from Iran but it all boils down to money and deals to the elite

History is Cyclical

And off topic :

The smiths have provided the musical background to this post .I clicked on Radiohead play the Smiths

I wished i hadnt.

Radiohead pack it in and go home.


Radiohead cover the Headmaster Ritual !!!

Crap guitarists who cant touch Johnny Marr and a miserable Whiney bastard of a singer who does that weird wobbly head thing when he sings and kills the song.

So what if Thom yorke had a hard time at Private School ?

Hes not the only one but that doesnt mean i am going to cover the song as well.

I was fucking tortured at school but i got over it.

Plus the slaphead drummer who is not as good as Mick Joyce.

The problem with Radiohead is they have no sense of humour and take themselves far too seriously.

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