Saturday, 12 July 2008

Raise the double Standard for David Davies:

I gave him the benefit of the doubt instead of being cynical and saying self aggrendising career politician but given the fact that is what he is what he has exposed himself to be is a Bullshit artist and a self aggrendising career Politician.

A debate and By Election about "Big Brother" .

Yet David Davies banned David Icke from a public meeting aided and abetted by Sir Bob Geldof.

Bob Geldof is a naive corrupt sellout and is a lapdog to the elites and really is of weak and dubious character.No backbone or principle and too busy Kow-towing to the establishment.

Perhaps he is getting Senile ?

At least Bono says that certain world leaders etc make him physically sick that he has met but Bono misses the point as well.

I guess they both were leaned on or coerced to not let David Icke into that meeting or its because they both knew they were hopelessly out of their depth on the subject and didnt want to be upstaged.

Anyway for whatever reason this decision was based on i would like to thank them both because now they have exposed the shitstem and their Sham by election and debate for what it is.

David Ickes video of a talk given about the subject is now THE most watched video on
google video and no doubt the same when it appears on Youtube.

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  1. Icke's call to Anonymous has been heard!!!