Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Climate change !!! Global Warming !!! Climate Change !!! Global Warming !!!

Give me bloody strength !!!

Poor old Pole Axe the Polar Bear.

Dont worry he is only about 50 ft away from the ice sheet yet this photo has been used to hype and spin global Warming [more than any other] which is why we only get a close up pic instead of a wide angle shot.

At last !!!!! Sanity !!!!

Quoted comment by Gervy: It's fact... there is currently global warming. But it's caused by solar activity. The same very activity that's causing 4 other solar-system bodies (as measured so far) including 3 planets (even Pluto, a non-planet now, which is even moving further from the sun and thus should be cooling), to exhibit warming trends to scale as experienced on the Earth. This is most likely due to NATURAL cycles occurring in the sun, a typical common star.

Thank you thank you thank you !!

Time to Cut The Shit and get to the point:

Now theres a theory that doesnt get a fair hearing in the *completely* balanced and fair and totally *unbiased* Global Warming/Climate Change Debate ??[ha ha what a laugh].

Advocates of this theory like myself who think that this factor is at the very least partly to blame cant get a word in edgeways because of the bias and the slant and the constant parroting of the "Carbon Emissions " brigade and those who buy into the Al Gore school of climate change *Fraud*.

Try getting funding to research that theory.Try it.

Where is the incentive for governments and funding bodies to give funding for a "Scientist" to prove the above theory to be at least a major contributing factor in climate change ???

You tell me ??

I will do it for you.There is NO incentive to do that unless you can get private funding and even then if you can prove you are correct and the evidence you present has its basis on fact then you are shut out of the debate anyway because this theory potentially will blow all this carbon emissions nonsense right out of the water and expose it for the Fraud that it is.

How exactly will governments and the climate change lobby plan to implemement taxes and all the rest of it against the SUN ?????

They cant.Theres no cash to be extorted out of individuals and nations that way.

Global Scamming - Too Fucking right it is.

Global Warming -climate change - Global Warming - Climate Change - Glob......... STFU>

You people who support this global cash collecting *Extortion* and Government Mafia Protection Racket are Idiots.

You havent even been presented any facts yet you claim the biased info you hear as fact !!!!

There hasnt been a proper debate on the subject !!!!

Instead you listen to "Government Scientists" and government spin and of course you think that the UN or whoever else is going to save the planet by paying them.

Dumb Stupid Idiots.

I will be back with a whole lot more to add to this subject later.

And yes i believe in protecting the enviroment and stopping enviromental destruction and degradation and pollution but i dont hear much debate on these subjects only the endless mantra of "Cut Carbon Emissions " and nothing else.Nothing.

In the meantime start clearing old growth rainforests and trees because they die and fall down and rot away and release all that nasty carbon into the atmosphere.

Lets have a full open unbiased and honest debate on the future of the planet and the climate if thats not too much to fucking ask.

I am not interested in listening to Al Fucking Gore or the UN or "government scientist"/bandwagon jumpers or career politicians.

I am not a member of the mass suicide cult that nearly everyone else is a member.

You cant even get to find out what is happening without wading through and being up to my neck in bullshit.

Its tragic and pathetic.

Posted 5 mins ago by "peterwolf...

In Response to the following Garbage:

"Yes, scientists apply for grants (just as they always have) but that doesn't mean that there is a reason for them to jump on the bandwagon; quite the opposite in fact. To succeed as a scientist (and thereby attract research grants) you must prove that current theory is wrong, and that your theory is right. This is why science is such a powerful tool; there is always a pressure for new ideas.

The bigger the theory you overturn, the more successful you are. Anybody who managed to disprove such a well established theory as man-made climate change would make both their name and their career. That it hasn't happened yet is not due to lack of incentive."

Posted 2 hours ago by "mel80" (R)

Now these guys seem to have right idea :

Quoted comment by SKYGUY3356: I'm just so sick of it lately. Glaciers shrink it's GW. They expand its GW. Theres drought it's GW. Theres a flood it's GW. Arcti ice shrinks its GW. It expands its GW Every forest fire is GW. Tornado its GW. More hurricanes its GW. Less hurricanes its GW. Any body else see the insanity in this shit!

You forgot kidney stones " If global warming trends continue as projected by the UN... ...a 30 percent growth in kidney stone disease"


"Global warming blamed for cockroach migration"

"France Invaded by Swarms of Giant Hornets - Global Warming Blamed"

Prince Charles says we must pay a 15 billion (pounds) annual programme to an organisation such as the World Bank (UN) in order to avert the pending disaster.

It reaks of "Global Scamming" and global communist grab for power

Obama wants to pony up 854 Billion Dollars to the UN.

Posted 3 hours ago by "rackemup" (R)

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