Friday, 29 June 2007

music ? part 2

It all seemed to start going wrong when Coldplay appeared then this endless glut of earnest singer songwriters appeared as well . 2 or 3 of the new accoustic set are alright but the rest are forgettable. why not listen to John Martyn or Nick Drake or Tim Hardin or Gordon Lightfoot or lots more that i cant think of right now instead and try the real thing instead of the copyists.

I cant think why anyone would ever want to listen to Coldplay. Whats worse than listening to a silly little twat droning on about how terrible everything is. Life is tough for middle class ex public schoolboys who have sold millions of albums to fuckwits who buy them. They would never have survived in any other musical climate ever. Chris Martin claims that Echo and the Bunnymen were an inspiration. Yes Chris they are everything your band isnt and never will be. enough said.

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