Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Idiot friend of housemate came round this evening. One of those types who thinks or is deluded that he is so intelligent or is unaware of how unintelligent he is. One or the other. same thing. He frequents Youtube a lot and has named himself "alienated" [quite well known so he says] I cant be bothered to look. Alienated from what ? people with intelligence ? probably as that is the effect he has on me anyway. Waste of space. Watch him fall to pieces as he loses the arguement. "But i said.... If that was true... etc.... " boring. Shut up. He owes me half an hour of wasted time. Its like a losers club with housemates friends. I would rather have solitude anyday than bother with them. I get quite used to having my space invaded by these types so i just retreat. They just sit around drinking endless cups of tea, sitting there like zombies or mostly talking rubbish mostly. Thats the problem with brighton, too many of these types who cant be bothered to motivate themselves at all ,so they just sit round getting stoned and saying how everything is wrong to them. I am glad i am not a member of that club. Never have been. Never will be.

Rant over.

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