Saturday, 30 June 2007

about myself

From all over the place. A bit of unpredictable life. anything can happen. Young for my age. Very friendly. I dont like unpleasent rude people or yobs or anything like that. I work for myself as i dont fit in to other peoples way of doing things. very independant. Generally quite calm and wouldnt hurt a fly but sparks will fly if someone trys it on or rubs me up the wrong way. Zero tolerance of bullshit from people. will always help someone and will always stand up for the underdog. Hypersensitive and noise sensitive. Always the outsider looking in on everyone. I know a lot of people but not many close friends. Generous. Outgoing Rebellious Anti authoritarian. Persistant. I quite like fighting but it doesnt happen often. Ilike much the same things as everyone else more so if its expensive. I have Aristocratic blood on one side of my family that is french in origin going back to the Norman times but i am not sure exactly what it is. Almost clean living and health conscious. Into fitness as well. I hate sport. An animal lover but not in the literal sense ! I should be on a stage but that will never happen i dont think but you never know. Self educated. Self everything really. never really had a "plan" in life as such but i always new what i wanted anyway. Dont let the bastards grind you down i always think. F*** them. If anyone says you cant do it or you will never succeed then F*** them off as well. I am a strong believer in being "free" and a strong sense of responsibility to others. I dont like being pushed around by anyone.
That is if they are stupid enough to try. Kind to people and polite at all times. I like problem solving and i have very good organisational ability as well. Lifes an adventure waiting to happen.

In all seriousness recently i was considering going on selection for the S.A.S reserves forces as i have contacts that are Ex sas. The age limit is 32 years old but i am told they may make an exception for me because of fitness and other reasons but they would need to be convinced obviously. I dont know for sure really but the training would be interesting. Its just an idea. No previous military experience is needed either. I would love to go on some of those hikes and exercises. What puts me off is fighting the governments dirty illegall wars. I simply know too much about the government and their dirty tricks.


  1. stumbled across your blog and I know the internet is a great place to live out your dreams but that last paragraph made me laugh out loud.

  2. It may well sound funny but i am fit enough to get through it believe it or not and i do like physical endurance sort of stuff. So i was being half serious although at this time of life it would be unusual to say the least but not out of the question.

    As you probably dont know i have 2 contacts who are ex sas and one who was a civilian attached in an intelligence capacity [MI6] to the sas. This is standard practice.

    So i have had the run down on it all but to be honest i am only interested in the training and survival aspects of it.

    So yes i would say it is half an idea rather than a dream.

  3. just for the record i travelled 19 miles partly across the downs that are hilly in places and then some of the distance by road but hilly just the same on foot without trying in 3 hours.

    Also 4 miles in 17 minutes on foot. The last mile was by bicycle.

    I had a train to catch that i couldnt miss as it was the last train that night so i had to move but that was a while ago so i may be quicker now as i wasnt as fit then as i am now.