Tuesday, 26 June 2007

just read stephens [buttonmans] blog all about the property game and property development. I sort of do this as well. I have something in the pipeline that will hopefully be finalised this year.
Its a one off.
This is or was the kitchen and servants area at the back of a large regency house in X . Its in a very desprable square [ to the rear of ] Thats more than enough information about it as in location because property is a nasty business especially in X . Just going to property auctions and looking at who is present tells you enough about that. Thats why i dont go to them. These sort of people are not to be trusted. sharks etc. I dont do property development here [or anywhere] normally at all because of prohibitive prices and the fact there too many vultures and too few pickings for them. Its nice to get one over them all.

the place i am talking about is not for sale to the public as it is a private deal yet to be finalised between ourselves. It is basically 4 walls, no floors, no roof, with various brick vaults and side tunnels leading off it. Its 2 floors deep roughly but quite deep. Down one of the side tunnels there are 2 further tunnel entrances that are bricked up. I cant break through these yet but rumour has it they run the entire length of the street and its a long street that goes down to the sea. These entrances. may be the only access to it. They were servants tunnels.

The idea is to turn it into a house that is below ground.

This is one of or *the* last building plot in this area. [apart from the one next door, but that has already been claimed by someone i work with]. I very much doubt i will ever get another opportunity like this ever again in this place.

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