Tuesday, 26 June 2007

In about 1992 i was refurbishing a flat in london. It was in Campden hill road . that is inbetween Kensington High Street and Holland Park or Notting Hill . To get to Holland park tube you could either walk up the road or use the long alleyway that runs parallel to Holland park itself.

There wasnt much to do in the evenings so we used to go out. There was no bathroom for a bit so we went to West Kensington Sports centre to pay a quid and have a bath.

At night the alleyway was a gay pick up joint and they used to line the alleyway just hanging around waiting to pull. It was a bit disconcertiong at times and even more so when i realised one of them that i noticed a few times i used to know at school ! Not a friend, just someone i recognised i have to say. I think eventually the police cleared them out as there must have been complaints.

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