Friday, 29 June 2007

Disappearing objects

why is it that if you are looking for an object like a book or a cd, particularly if you have referred to it in conversation choose to hide itself or disappear completely once you start to look for it ? have they got minds of their own and somehow listen in to your conversation and decide " right, i am going to hide now just to annoy you as i know you need to read or listen to me for some important reason. i will make you search everywhere around the house at least half a dozen times making sure that you will get more annoyed each time as desperation sets in as you realise the futility of your searching not to mention your wasted time. Its great fun that bit is. Later on i will suddenly reappear as if nothing has happened suggesting you just werent looking properly."i was here all the time !

! "

This has happened for the second time in 2 days. that digital camera is somewhere at work unless it has "walked" but that is very very unlikely. the other is example happened just

now. where is that book on classical architecture that i bought 2 months ago , read once and then straight onto the bookshelf.

its just stupid and very annoying. perhaps a quantam physicist would like to explain what and how and where these things go to as i cant explain it. it just pisses me off.

I think the trick is to forget about it and not look anymore to trick the object into reappearing as it thinks you are not interested any more. A bit of cunning psychology always works this way !

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