Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I have a site meeting at my main project with one of the people from the property development company. they are based in south kensington london. They are refurbishing a large 5 storey house in a square in brighton. The building is grade 1 listed so all repairs and alterations have to be done in a certain way that is in keeping. Unfortunatly for them they have wrecked half the building already through lack of knowledge and care and attention and letting unqualified labourers etc tear through the building ripping apart this and that without a second thought. For example they have pulled down entire ceilings that could easily have been saved. This is where we or i as there are 3 of us and i am one of them. We work with English Heritage and not only do the work but also say how to do it to provide the clients with a building that is historically accurate in how it looks and how it is repaired. These particular clients have got themselves into a bit of a mess and we will have to troubleshoot it as usual. I have to price the plastering to reinstate it in the traditional fashion. The prices out at 120quid per sq meter. when you think there is 5 floors of it to do it just makes my head hurt at this time in the morning but its a lot of money whatever. That will teach them to pull ceilings down next time without thinking. As soon as i walked into that building i just thought oh my god another fine mess they have got into and another fine mess to get them out of. I am not quite qualified yet to dish out advice officially but 90 quid per hour is the going rate for correct advice given to clients that is recognised by English Heritage. I have been taken under the wing of a qualified building historian as a "trainee" building historian.

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