Friday, 29 June 2007

first ever job

My first ever job was a summer job selling ice creams outside a cafe on the west Hill in Hastings next to the castle above and oerlooking the Old town . If it was quiet it didnt matter as i would just sit there and read a book or whatever plus the odd visitor who would stop and chat. there was the most astonishing thunderstorm overhead once as well. it was often straight down to the beach afterwards for a swim in the sea or to jump off the harbour arm if it was high tide.

Over the road from the cafe lived a girl i knew called Humanni. the spelling is probably wrong but that is how it is pronounced. I swear on my life she was an absolute lookalike of a young elizabeth Taylor. Stunning. I would love to know where she is now and about at least a dozen others that i used to know of equal stature. Make that 2 dozen. I hope they are all happy in their lives whatever they are doing. An absolutly wonderful time living in Hastings was. Perfect. Catherine Cookson who was up until fairly recently was one of the worlds top selling authors before harry Potter books was my next door as such before she moved. she wrote endless cheesy romantic novels set in the 18th century that have been translated into just about every language known to man. she used to let me swim in her pool in the summer if i knocked on the door and asked nicely.

here we go again. I used to know one of the members of Steeleye span who used to bring all his kids to the cafe for an ice cream. there were at least 5 of them [kids]. theres a big folk scene in hastings. all the folkies always drink a lot it seems. Preferably ale or real Cider. they are not lightweights at all. you get the Green Man festival as well that is a celebration of all things pagan concerning the celebration of May Day. This includes the almost unique sight of the procession through the old town of all the pagans in their get up of Antlers and oak leaves like something from another age. fascinating. Complete with a maypole. I went to 2 or 3 barn dances once as well then. Its an american idea i think.

I remember going to 2 or 3 hunt meetings in Battle on boxing day as well with that horrible lot who hunt. Awful people on horseback. Still it got you out of the house on boxing day.

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