Monday, 1 June 2009

Mandatory Flu Vaccinations coming to the UK ?:

A mandatory Swine Flu vaccination in the autumn is already being proposed in France.

It might also happen here too...

I have a problem with this because i believe that the patient would have to give their informed consent before being be vaccinated.

This proposal and any other like it violates the medical ethic of informed consent.

Thats quite an important point really and i am not sure how or when i waived that right now or at any time in the future when the State thinks it can make decisions like that on my behalf.

Also given the track record of vaccinations and the drug cartels that produce them and the poisons that are contained in them i have every right to decline a vaccination for my own wellbeing.I am quite capable of fighting off Flu as last time i had it it was over in 4 days.No big deal.

So to get to the point any doctor who attempts to stick a needle in my arm without my consent is going to have a *very very bad day* and they will wish that they had stayed in bed.

It might be easier for the Dr just to pretend that i received a vaccination after throwing the unused needle and vaccination into the used needle Biohazard receptacle and say no more about it.

That would be preferable to the alternative plus i quite like my Dr anyway.

Anyone who thinks that they can force me to do something that i dont want to do like accept a vaccination had better find someone who deals with dangerous animals.They will need a tranquiliser gun.

I wont even show up for the appointment.

Its their choice to make because theres no way i am going to be involuntarily infected with a Baxter/Glaxo-Smithkline cultivated virus plus the associated cocktail of poisons and heavy metals which have been proven to cause some very unpleasent side effects apart from the flu virus itself.

The details of this are well publicised and easily available if the need arises.

Can i send off the vaccine to a lab independently and have it analysed before i accept it ?

This is non - negotiable.

They have the right to try.

I have the right to stop them.

They have the right to try and stop me from stopping them.

I have the right to stop them as well.

I have the right to use reasonable force as a means of self defence when attacked.

Nothing is injected into my body unless i say so.

Thats the rules of the game and they are very clear and simple.

People will go down and it wont be me and they will need to see a doctor or visit a hospital.

Fucking try it if you think you are up to it.

It might also be possible to chelate the toxins and carcinogens and heavy metals out of the system after a vaccination like you can do if you work with Lead and have reached your saturation point.Its done harmlessly with a course of tablets that drive it out of the system.

There are also plenty of ways to fight off colds and flu naturally.

The whole Swine Flu episode is highly spurious.

Fucking media generated alarmist Horseshit.

So in short and in the nicest politest possible way Baxter/GlaxoSmithkline and the Govt can shove my involuntarily prescribed dose of Swine Flu vaccination/s up their fucking collective arses.

I am not going to go along with Utilitarian Govt Draconian public health measures that are excessive and *unwarranted* and i am not here for Pharmaceutical drug barons to profit from.I am not their property.I am not here to be experimented on by drug companies.

Govts on behalf of Big Pharma are already attacking children with this Filth and undermining the authority of parents.

If a pandemic level is raised to 6 then Govts will try this as that is the situation where you do surrender your rights* .

* Correction :They surrender them for you.

There is also the issue of trust which runs alongside the issue of informed consent.

Right now my trust is non - existent .

No trust - NO consent.

Its a matter of principle and its the thin end of a wedge.

I am fucking sick of being told what to do and its like being under attack all the time at the moment.

Fuck Them.



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