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Zionism/Zionist Jews ,Race and ignorance :


Read on and pay attention:

I often use the term of description "Zionist".

Just to keep things very very simple instead of spinning off on a multitude of different tangents regarding Jews and Zionist Jews and Non-Jew Zionists etc etc and the differences between Sephardic Jews and Ashkenasi Jews etc etc and about the rights and wrongs or extremes of Zionism i just wish to add this:

Race is totally irrelevent here.

Forget all about Race.

Its unimportant.

Dont attack the symptom or one of.

Attack the cause.

If you cant get a satisfactory answer to a problem with the manager of a franchise then go and talk to the owners of the franchise instead.

If that doesnt work out then go to the owners of the entire franchise instead.

Go to those who own the the name and the licence.

The owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank who are actually based in the City Of London are commonly known as the Anglo - Dutch offshore banking cartel which comprises of 13 individual banking families.

Some are Ashkenasi Jews or of differing Jewish and non Jewish heritage so it is a misnomer to say "Zionist Jews" are the cause of all the problems regarding banking for example.

"Zionist Jews !!"

Its partly true but it is also wrong and misguided and it is a diversion and it shifts blame to one particular cause and one cause only and one people when in reality its far more complicated and convoluted than that.

The reason for this is very simple and heres an example:

Ever heard about the historical facts that prove that Rothschilds bankrolled Hitler ?

Lets keep it simple and just say "bankrolled" otherwise before i know it thats another 3 paragraphs.

Ask yourself Why ? a banking dynasty of Ashkenasi Jews would support and bankroll Hitler and the Nazi Party ?

After all lots and lots of Jews were persecuted and exterminated under the Nazi regime.

Doesnt make any sense does it ? if you assume that this particular banking family of Ashkenasi Jews had any sense of loyalty to their Jewish Brethren.

The problem here is just because an individual is of Jewish Heritage you can not assume that a particular Jewish individual practices their faith.

In the case of Rothschilds they do not partake in the Jewish faith nor do they have any sense of loyalty to the Jewish people in general.

Anyway to get back to the point the Rothschilds and already existing associates of for example have in the past supported Hitler , they supported the Neocons ,they created and supported and initiated the Russian Revolution ,they created and initiated and own the state of Israel ,they bankrolled and initiated the cultural revolution in China /Maoism,They created,initiated,and bankrolled the UN,they created ,initiated and bankrolled the IPCC [a political offshoot of the UN] and the climate change scam [AGW],they have or do have interests in various Arab nations,they created and initiated and bankrolled the British empire,they created and initiated and bankrolled the |United states and the list goes on .

I wouldnt be surprised if there was a connection to Oliver Cromwell either.

The US is owned and runned from the City Of London.

The United States has paid a dividend to the UK/City Of London since the day it was founded.

The United States is a subsidary of the UK and is runned as a company.

The UK is a company .

ALL just pawns in the game.....

Except the grand chess game is nearly over....

What you have here is a select group of individual global financiers who are in on everything and are defacto world rulers.

There may well be others above them and i dont doubt it.

Globalism is the creation of these global financiers.

These Elitists are apolitical or more to the point and i dont know what the term of description is for someone who supports and has created every every political ideology there is but to these individuals it doesnt really matter.

To them its all a means to an end and as long as the end result is the same and that result being global domination then they dont care how it is achieved and who does it and under what pretext.

Its all about money and power and influence and to just point the finger of blame onto "Zionist Jews" or Zionists is wrong and misguided and misinformed and its a lie.

In actual fact there is such a thing as US/Zionist foreign policy but it doesnt originate there and to the banking cartel Zionism is the tool that is used to get the job done.

Its neither right nor wrong to state that attacking Iran is a result of "Us/Zionist" foreign policy.It depends which way you look at it.

In the main though its all a Front.

The religious faith of the Anglo Dutch banking cartel and the Illuminati is very complicated indeed so i will save that for later but it has got nothing to do with the Jewish faith or the Talmud or anything like that.Before you know it you are talking about Jesuits and Satanists/Theosophy amongst many things.

Are the Protocols of The Learned Elders Of Zion a fake and are disinfo that shifts the blame away from themselves and onto others where it doesnt belong as a diversion /smokescreen ?

Well you never can tell.

Personally i believe that they are a fake or that they are not representative of the beliefs of those who wrote them.

Imagine that you are informed that a particular individual or individuals murdered someone in your close family and you take action.

Imagine then that the real perpetrators shifted the blame onto others and escaped justice.

Thats how it works.

Simple psychology.

You have to be able to look at the evidence and be able to see every angle and draw your own conclusions if hard physical evidence or witnesses are lacking.

I get a little bit tired of everyone going on about Jews - Zionism *all the time* when they are uneducated and ignorant and dont understand the bigger picture.

You could do a lot worse than look in the direction of the Jesuits and the Vatican and Freemasonry......

I am not politically correct in any way but simply when you consider the facts and the evidence the constant mantra of "Jew-Zionist Scum Bankers !" etc etc is slanderous and is a form of persecution and is ignorant.

Not ignorance as in bigotry which it is in itself but its ignorance of facts.

Its a trap that people fall into through their own lack of research and education and if you want to understand who - what - why - and where then you have to learn to see beyond these very narrow parameters which are in themselves a form of deception and is divide and rule and its the cause of nearly all wars

I dont support the ADL but as i know the facts i know and understand that this is indeed the case.

The Endgame is a centralised single world government.

World Domination.

The political vehicle which is what an Ism or an Ideology is that is intended to achieve world domination is Communitarianism like i keep saying over and over and over again.

People are beginning to wise up to this fact *at last* because they are realising that there is little or no difference between parties as "they are all the same" or they are "LibLabCons" or that "The govt always gets in" and the suchlike.

This is indeed the case .

The EU is Communitarian

Globalism is Communitarianism.

The NWO is Communitarianism.

Communitarianism is Communism and Nazism combined.

China is a good example of this as China is a |Communist country and a Capitalist country at the same time.

Ultimately you can write long and convoluted essays and thesis on what is the exact definition of Communism or Fascism but ultimately its all about the poor being fucked over by the Mega rich.

I believe/know myself that these individuals lean very very far to the right but it is dressed up in left wing collectivist thinking because that is obviously more palatable than a political movement that is overtly Nazi.When you look beyond all the flowery talk of the "Global Village" and "Global Citzenship"you realise that the endgame is Totalitarianism.

Its all a means to an end.

Centralised govt is Totalitarianism in the simplest terms.

Anyone who still thinks that world politics is still all about Communism or Fascism which is the left/right dichotomy is hopelessly out of date and seriously needs to get with the picture and keep up to date with current events.

It might be as far as you are all concerned but to the global architects behind the EU and the UN and Nafta etc its all redundant now.

Its all about dissolving nations and borders into homogenised and centrally governed "Blocs" or "Zones" that will be unilaterally governed.

I know this is all fact but you can look it all up yourself if you like.

And if you still cant see it after that or deny its existence or are too lazy to find out for yourself or dont care then you are a dumb fucking idiot .

Perhaps you are so Zombified or stubborn that you are beyond help.

Perhaps you think that there are fairies living at the end of your garden or that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow ?

Dont be a dumb idiot.

Educate yourself.

Nothing is what it seems......

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