Saturday, 27 June 2009

Nazi Fraud/Nazi Alert :

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Wholesale lies and betrayal and deception of the US electorate as a whole.

"I will change the way Washington does business"

Yeah sure you have changed it for the worse and changed NOTHING.

I never liked this Cunt anyway regardless of his colour as i know a Snake Oil salesman when i see one .

I thought he was as believable as a used car salesman.

I smelt a Rat and i was right.

As usual.

Only Stupid Suckers believed in him.

As usual.

Nazi Eugenics that is being proposed by Zionists on behalf of Zionists.

Watch this video and pay attention to it :

Look who is called into question after the 8 minute interval .

Ezekial Emmanuel brother of Rahm Emmanuel.

Ezekial Emmanuel is being called out by Anton Chaitkin who is a Jewish historian.

Watch how he suddenly has to go to an "Important meeting" when he is called out on the topic of Euthanasia.

A Coward who cant even sit there and uphold his own principles.

How many other Emmanuels are there ?

You cant say that you werent warned at least by myself and many many others.

Like the video says this is the *beginning* of utilitarian "health care" Nazi style and it goes way beyond voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill patients.I dont disagree with that at all as i believe in an individuals right to refuse health care if they are terminally ill.its their choice to make or it should be.

Ezekial Emmanuel tells Drs to "Junk" the Hypocratic Oath.

KIll or let die those with NO money to SAVE money.

This is in anticipation of the apparent incoming economic crash.We havent seen the economic crash yet according to some.

Anyway enough about that for now.

Dr EmmaNAZIuel - [Ashke-Nazi - party] writes articles against assisted suicide because you cant possibly let someone have the choice of ending their own life but he advocates state enforced euthanasia but its fine for the Messiah to decree that its now time for the state to choose who lives and dies.

This is state enforced euthanasia which is rather different to the above because if you are unlucky enough to be old and poor for example then the govt will make the decision for you.

And guess what ?

Why is this ?

Its because there is not enough money to go around to provide "Free health care for all" as was pledged during the OBama Sock Puppet presidential campaign.

Where did all the money go to ?

Bankster criminal elitist Mafioso.

Remember how your great leader stood up at the time of the bailouts and immediately went along with it all without question ?

Well what about the poor and the disadvantaged ?

What about the impoverished African Americans in the projects who were falling over themselves to vote this fraudulent filthy NWO Nazi Sock Puppet into power ?

Where is there universal health care going to come from ?

Its not going to come from anywhere because it isnt going to happen.

Why isnt it going to happen when it was promised ?

Its not happening because we are in an economic crisis [artificially generated] and its very convenient that things like universal healthcare are dropped and in return you have a programme of Utilitarian involuntary Euthanasia that is bound in simple economics that is also Nazi in nature yet its advocated because of economic reasons and practicality.

Its Nazi pure and simple.

This Healthcare programme will kill African Americans .

Legalising of late term abortion will kill more african Americans than Whites.

NO Welfare handouts to them either.

What this proves to me is that the line between the Red banner brigade and National socialism is very very thin.

It is as clear as day in the video.

No surprise there.

What we have here is the complete opposite to that - Almost universal lack of health care.

This is the reality of the Obama administration.

What do we have ?

1:The charismatic "Leader" and the cult of personality and its mass following.The "Love" of a "Great Leader".The "Love" of BIg Brother.
Mass Hysteria.
WE have all seen this before somewhere

2:We have more or less the very same economic situation in the US as there was in Nazi Germany and we have the opportunistic charismatic leader who appears at the right time as if by divine intervention who has the answers to all the problems of the economy etc.

3:We have the even bigger government than before that is assembled at lightning speed as there cannot be any delay because the "great work" has to be done and time cannot be wasted.

4:we have the existing legal framework of oppression in place.Much of it was already initiated and put into place by the Neocons [Fascists remember?]like the Patriot Act.

5:We have continent wide Fema /Rex 84 Detainment camps .

6:We have the initiation of a programme of armed youth and civilian brigades that are heavily politicised and armed.

You do not have a politicised militarised armed civilian security force in a free country.It does not happen.This is straight out of Nazi Germany or the USSR.

7:We have the control of the US economy being handed over wholesale to a privately owned cabal of Banksters in the Federal Reserve.The Federal Reserve is privately owned.There is nothing "Federal" about it.Nothing.It works outside of the Govt and they are effectively above the law.This is Fact.

The so called "credit Crunch" was artificially manipulated.The system encourages debt and borrowing as much as possible by creating a giant Ponzi scheme with money being created out of thin air and when the time is right and conditions are at their optimum they cut the supply of available cash available and a collapse ensues and then the very same individuals seize assets or take over institutions etc.

This amounts to a massive transfer of ownership and wealth and not only that but it also amounts to a power grab and control of the entire economic system.

Cunts like Bernanke are threatening to crash the entire US economic system if Ron Pauls proposed H.R.1207 bill that proposes to re-nationalise and audit the FED passes through both houses and becomes actual legislation.

This is a threat of economic terrorism against the people of the US.

How much more blatant does it have to be ?

Like killing two birds with one stone.

8:We have the Patriot act that is being used/abused by the Obama adminstration.The Department Of Homeland Security is part of the same political apparatus.Its political and its not just about security.The DHS has issued and has extensive lists of US citzens on it.These citzens are not terrorists.They are right wing in nature admittedly in varying degrees but these individuals on this lists are effectively political dissidents and are marked by the DHS and filed according to potential risk.

Anyone who opposes the Obama regime and who advocates the protection of the US Constitution against traitors is now a political dissident.

Who can say that this may not enable a Pogrom to take place with the minority group in question being the political opposition ?

And *since when* was the US a "Homeland" anyway ?

Sounds like Nazism to me.

9:We have the Obama administration attempting a Gun Grab which violates the second amendment.

Disarming the populace is the objective while at the same time arming a politicised militarised civilian security force.

If they cant take thge guns they will control the fliow of available ammunition which is already happening as i type.

An oppressive fascist regime does not want armed civilians .

We have the executive branch of the Obama administration being filled with those who are not sympathetic to the US constitution and whose agenda is all about wrecking it wholesale.

10:Not necessarily similar to Nazi Germany but worthy of inclusion all the same is the fact that almost the entire administration that was assembled after the election is all about the interests of Wall Street to the extent that just about every other large scale interest has been ruled out.

Obama is all about Money.

Obama is all about Wall Street.

Very powerful economic interests now rule the administration to the detriment of everything else.

11:We have centralisation of government .We have the enlargement of centralised government on a scale never before seen in the US.We have more legislatiion and more powers being given to the Federal Government on an even larger scale than was seen during the Bush Years.

12:We have the first state runned News/Propaganda service in the form of ABC news which has handed over power or been taken over by government in a pathetic attempt to manipulate public opinion .

Why they bother doing this i simply do nt understand.Or more correctly why bother to control one news source and politicise it when there are other sources of news that are not so politicised and biased.

It may be the case that this is just the first.It would make more sense to control all of them and control internet access like in China.

It may just be the case that its something that the Obama administration has to get out of its system.

Again this not symptomstic of a free society in the same way to a lesser degree the BBC is now politically biased and is a state runned broadcasting network.

Mind you we already have and are witnessing Operation Mockingbird in action which is a mass media manipulation programme which is designed to deceive the gullible .

13:We have a military programme of US Zionist imperialism going on in various theatres of war like Pakistan,Iraq,Afghanistan,etc.Next up is Iran.These military operations are propped up and justified by a rolling media propaganda machine that demonises these countries as being hotbeds of terrorism.Iran is the case in pont here as the current regime in Iran is not compliant to US/Zionist economic and strategic interests.The current regime in Iran is secular in nature and is not Internationalist in nature.

The CIA is heavily involved in attempting to overthrow the current Ahmadinejad regime and hold another election and replace Ahmadinejad with a placeman or stooge that is sympathetic to US/Zionist interests.

Whats wrong with Ahmedinajad ?

Ahmadinejad wants to stop trading oil for US dollars.

At present the US Govt trades US dollars for oil with Iran and the money that the US Govt makes from the exchange is offset against the National debt of the US.

This is one of the major concerns of the US beside the strategic interests of the area plus the interests of multinational oil companies.

So we dont have a climbdown from aggressive US/Zionist foreign policy as it is actually increasing.

14 :We have bills of legislation being forced through Congress where discussion or debate on these bills is not permitted.Again this does not happen in a free and democratic society.

15:We have Govt workers marking and filing a GPS for *every* residence in the US under the guise of census taking.This might well be the case but it may also facilitate a smooth and efficient programme of Round - Ups.

16 :We have a potential mandatory mass vaccination programme being implemented as a reaction to the manufactured Swine Flu virus.

Again this is not what you find in a free society.

My advice to you is to NOT accept a Swine Flu or any other Flu vaccination under ANY circumstance.I will add more to this subject in another post later.

The Swine Flu vaccination will comprise of 3 seperate vaccinations.

One vaccination in itself is bad enough what with the cocktail of Carcinogens and Toxins and Oil Derivatives and Foetal matter and various heavy metals as well as ian infection with the Virus itself.

From what i understand the combination of all 3 vaccinations will be LETHAL and not only that just for good measure one of the vaccines will contain substances that are known to trigger Cancer in an individual.This being Leukemia from what i understand.

The poor cant have free healthcare but they can have lethal injections for nothing.


The individuals that are pushing this filth that are behind the UN fronted World Health Organisation are Nazi Eugenicists.

You read that bit right.

So everytime you hear that silly little WHO Japanese woman wittering on about Pandemics this is their solution.

The Elderly ,the poor , the weak , the disadvantaged will by targeted first with this programme and are not very likely to resist it.

I am sure that there is a whole lot more to add to this article so i will continue to add to it as and when and sooner rather than later.

17: Mass regulation of just about everything.This is endemic of nazis and Communists alike.

18: The Enemy within scenario. This is very typical psychology of oppressive regimes who need to have an ever present invisible 'Bogeyman to generate fear among the populace and to justify oppressive legislation and erosion of civil liberties.

19:We have a state runned economic solution to the collapse of the economy which involves Cap and Trade and the creation of millions of Green jobs and the creation of a green manufacturing industry plus millions of govt posts that are all interrelated to the scheme.

Fascist/Totalitarian regimes often adopt grandiose schemes that sweep out the old redundant industries and replace them with a new infrastructure that is industrial and also usually involves things like roadbuilding programmes and that type of thing.All accomplished under whatever form of collectivism it happens to be at the time.This is why Obama is urging as many useful idiots as possible to participate in Govt schemes and programmes.Everyone works for the Govt or the State which is the govt.

20: The proposal of Preventative [of crime] *indefinate* detention without charge.

28 days is the maximum in any supposed democratic country that abides by the rule of law.

The Obama administration wants to construct an entirely new legal framework that will somehow reconcile this proposal which is wholly unconstitutional to the existing lawful framework of the US constitution.

Hello newly indefinately incarcerated political dissidents !!

Enjoy your indefinate stay in a Fema Camp !!

21:You cannot now question or debate 9/11.

Obama :"These are not opinions to be debated - these are facts to be dealt with "

They are trying to tell you what to think.

The fact is though is that roughly speaking about 75% percent of the US -just within the US are now very sceptical about the official version of events and its growing by the day.

The Govt does not tell you what to think in an open and free society.

23:We have mass medication programmes in the form of Fluoridation of drinking water.

We have the mass manufacture and distribution of Aspartame in soft drinks etc as an alternative to sugar.

Both of these substances are proven to affect behaviour and are mood suppressors or stabilisers.A chemical cosh in other words.

A chemical dumbing down and poisoning of the populace.

Nazis/IG Farben were the first to use Fluoride in the water supply of concentration camps.

As it is right now its all looking very ugly indeed .

The entire political system has been taken over by criminal Nazi filth and its long overdue for a cleanout of the entire political system.

Violence may prove to be a last resort here unfortunately as i cant see this criminal filth giving up and walking out.

These Fascists and criminals in their entirety need to be taken out and *neutralised*.

Its the only way to be sure as the only good or useful Nazi or Communist is a dead one.

Fill up a mass grave in an undisclosed location with them.

Fill the hole with Quicklime.

I dont normally advocate violence but in this case i dont see any other way unfortunately because these people WILL potentially try to KILL you instead.

I Shit you not.

The history books are littered with this type of scenario.

Look for yourself and dont just take my word for it and while you are at it try and prove that everything in this post is not FACT.

If any of you thought that Nazism died after the end of WW2 then wake up because its here and its going to happen all over again.

People are going to die because of a minority of Zionist Bankster criminals.

The evidence for this is all around.

Choose a coloured Frontman to make him untouchable because he is to a certain extent "Black" because if you attack or criticise him you are automatically tarred and feathered as a "Racist".

Nazism is now inclusive and includes everyone or anyone into its fold.

Easy.Simple Psychology.

This is an an aggressive Corporate takeover that amounts to Tyranny or a Nazi Kleptocracy.

More than half of them are Foreign occupiers and are now Traitors who have no right to be there.

Where is Obamas Birth Certificate ?

Obama is a cousin of Dick Cheney.

You cannot remove Tyrants by being a Pacifist if they are trying to kill you.

They come for the weak and the disadvantaged first and when they are done with them they will come for you.

These people from the Zionist bankers that own the Fed right down to someone like Ezekial Emmanuel are your enemy.

Globalism and the NWO and its architects and its proponents are your enemy.

Rothschilds = Public Enemy number 1.

The NWO *will be* a bastardised offspring or mutation or an unholy alliance of Fascism and Communism that is abhorrent and ultimately Evil.

The architects of it like Rothschilds and Rockefellers et al are Evil.

I find these people and their principles to be abhorrent in the extreme.

I knew this would happen anyway and the battle of Good against Evil has now begun and i have assumed my rightful place in it.

I wish i was wrong.I really really do want to be wrong but its not possible.

This is reality.

You have now been warned....

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