Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Changeometer :

Barak Obama progress report and review coming soon.


Substantially increased US military presence in Afghanistan.

Yes we can !!

Increased military operations in Pakistan some of which is off the record.

Yes we can !!

No US withdrawal in Iraq after much prevarication and claims to the opposite.

Yes we Can !!

Potential conflict with North Korea which the "World needs to stand up to" according to Obama.North Korea havent done anything to myself and i havent been threatened by them and neither have anyone else so i dont feel a need to "Stand up to North Korea" thanks .

Yes we can !!

Potential conflict with Iran over alleged development of Nuclear WMDs which is highly spurious because their own intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency report that there is no such development programme in existence since 2003 when it was terminated.

Yes we can !!

Iraq /Saddam Hussein/WMDS anyone ?

Best not tell anyone that and dont tell anyone that the real reason that the US wants to attack Iran [backed by Israel as usual] is because Iran doesnt want to trade oil for US dollars anymore.

Anyone who claims that is not correct doesnt know what they are talking about.

No condemnation from the Obama administration over the conflict in Gaza back in the New Year.Israel will not have to face any penalties for their actions in Gaza either apart from having to compensate the UN for collateral damage for damages to UN owned equipment.

Yes we can !!

The other incidents in Gaza that were well publicised will be swept under the carpet as the UN has "Drawn a line under the events".

Increased military activity in former constituent/satellite states of Russia/The USSR which involves circling Russia with missile bases not to mention the bases in Czech Republic and Poland ?

Yes we can !!

Not to mention the existence of US /Israeli sponsored Muppet placemen dictators like Sakashvilli.

And if all that is not enough to keep you happy we also have Syria and the Lebanon waiting for their turn in the queue for an assault from the US acting on behalf of Israel.

Yes we can !!

All this for the "Peace and security" of the planet as a whole.

I always feel that there is more peace and security on the planet when Isreals interests are being aggressivly protected by the US.

And finally [although i cant be 100percent certain as there may be more] the new Africom base in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa which will cost 6 billion USD.No other African country would have them so the president of Djibouti was made an offer that he couldnt refuse.

Cash and lots of it but uts not as if the 500,000 civilians of one of the poorest countries on the planet will see any of it.

Change anyone ???

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