Sunday, 28 June 2009

Criminal :

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Hes not smiling and looking smug so much anymore.

Watch Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke fold under questioning.

Read the body language and signals and listen to the voice patterns that give away the fact that he is lying .

The wavering faltering shaky voice is a sign that the subject is under stress and is lying and is hiding something.

Useless unconcinving Liar.

This is someone who is/was intoxicated with power.

Chairman Bernanke fails to ensure that there is proper communication between the FED and the Bank Of America and the relevant Govt Depts and the American people that the FED were bailing out the BOA to the tune of 20 billion USD !!

The American people are not told that a wholly private banking institution is using 20 billion USD of their money to bail out [buy up] the Bank Of America.


They conduct criminal fraudulent banking practices to artificially inflate the money and investment markets the same way that they control and artificially increase or decrease the amount of cash in circulation with NO oversight.

Everytime they print 1 USD they charge you interest on it on top of the loan.

Cash out of nothing.

Debt out of nothing.

The biggest PONZI scam EVER.

Theres a lot of heat on the FED at the moment.

I bet if the FED is to be audited those who conduct the audit will not only find that there is NO gold in fort Knox and they will find evidence of all kinds of criminal activity like for example :the financing of foreign wars,the financing of foreign governments,connections to foreign banks,details of bank accounts in offshore tax havens,offshore slush funds,evidence of dollars printed specifically for bribes,evidence of the USD being used to invest and expand very large corporations,connections to drug trafficking,connections to the supply and trafficking of arms etc etc.

Where did 8,500 tons of gold go to ??

Cash does not disappear.It never disappears.It always goes somewhere......

These criminals have got their finger in every single dirty illegal criminal pie imaginable.

Every possible thing you can think of its there.

This is as big as it gets and the problem is not going to just go away and its not going to be stopped by staging another false flag event or with another financial crisis or an assasination or even an economic collapse because even if the FED in its present state of being privately owned and ownership is transferred back to congress then the exposure of the fraud and criminality will probably cause an economic collapse anyway.

I dont know where to start to even start thinking about it.

If H>R 1207 passes through both houses and is passed then the banking policies of the FED will be revealed and the scam will be exposed and it will end.

None of this economic shit that we are in right now would be happening if it wasnt for the FED.

None of it.

Its the FED who are responsible for the derivatives bubble that is yet to explode......

Wipe the slate clean and start again.

Its the only way.

Arrest these treasonous traitorous criminals before they ruin and takeover everything.

There will be crisis meetings taking place in private amongst the criminal baking elites and they will most probably trying to think of a solution or a diversion but if anything untoward were to happen then it will give the game away.

You just have to hope that those in congress will do the right thing and not succumb to outside pressure and will not accept bribes and do the responsible thing and pass HR 1207.

If H.R 1207 is not passed and is rejected then another H.R 1207 will present itself and another and another and another until it is passed.

What does he think he is going to do ?

Threaten the US with Martial Law *again* ?

Games [almost] up.

If i was in his shoes i would star packing up and flee to South America or go into hiding somewhere .......

They will start shredding paper before the federal reserve headquarters is closed of as a crime scene.

Link to video where Bernanke threatens to collapse the US economy in retaliatiion or in response to H>R 1207 :

My God what a terrible thing it would be if the FED was transferred back to public ownership and was controlled by Congress.

You can guarantee that the very same thing has been going on to a greater or lesser extent with the BOE.

These criminals are not the top of the pyramid by any means.Bernanke is just on the payroll.It goes much higher than this.

Ron Paul 2012 !

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