Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Revealing video :

Have a look at this video and see for yourself the pecking order in Geopolitics :


Here we have Mad [Lap]Dog Cheney the snarling profiteer and ChickenHawk warmonger that we all know and love.

We also have our old decrepit friend and favorite global financier and NWO manipulator Uncle Fester i mean David Rockefeller [Rockefucker].

Watch Big Dick Cheney suck up to Rockefeller and refer to him in first name terms as if to say "we are great friends and we go waaaay back ..." and towards the end of his very revealing speech watch how his demeanour completely changes into subservience after his little speech about the proposed domination of South America via Rockefeller and "free trade agreements - blah blah blah blah..."been there got the T-shirt and know all about Free Trade Trojan horses etc. - comes to and end and he almost falls over off his walking stick when the godfather takes to the podium.He almost crumbles when this happens and then looks awkward and undignified when he goes back for his book that he left behind.

Its almost like Rockefeller is going to tell Big dick to get his pipe ,newspaper and slippers for him.

He looks to be visibly cowering at various points when David Rockefeller is praising him for being a good obedient little dog and then sends him off with a bag of doggytreats.

Dick Cheney is low level mafioso in the Geoploitical Mafia food chain.

This unfinished remark made me prick up my ears and i shall quote it here :

"He is a founding member of the Council...er...he's rendered yeoman duty to the nation "

To finish the sentence for Dick who obviously forgot his words or suddenly realised that he was about to say something he shouldnt he was about to say :

"He is a founding member of the Council Of Foreign Relations"

There you go just in case you were curious.

"The council..." is a bit vague and non specific and could mean anything or could mean your local council for example and we wouldnt want anyone to make the mistake of writing letters to their council and addressing them to David Rockefeller.

I am not exactly sure what "rendered yeoman duty to the nation " means exactly but no doubt its masonic terminology or the suchlike.

Now i am curious....

Anyway whatever "rendered yeoman duty to the nation" means in reference to David Rockefeller i would just like to say a very big thank you to David Rockefeller anyway.

Where would we all be without him ?

[I do believe that David Rockefeller lists a postal address and registered office and contact no: that you can contact him on if you feel the need and i have i have it lying around somewhere or on file if only i could remember where...]

In the 7 years since this video their plans for domination and takeover of South America have not gone at all well........

Its also funny when you consider the downfall of the Neocon regime since 2002 and you consider the damage done to the international reputation of the US by Neocons i cant help but look at these 2 and think of them as a political version of Laurel and Hardy.

What seems to happening now is that their plans for world denomination are beginning to unravel partly because they are being complacent and sloppy and people are waking up to the truth.they are becoming sloppy because they are becoming desperate .When people are desperate they make mistakes.

I say leave them be for a while longer until the inevitable happens and they push their luck too far....

Be patient as it wont be much longer now......and yes they will try it on as they cant stop themselves...

I get the feeling their greed will be their undoing just like it always is.

So here we have the godfather of global domination and his Lackey.

A couple of decrepit tired pathetic old men.

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