Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Revealing video :

Have a look at this video and see for yourself the pecking order in Geopolitics :


Here we have Mad [Lap]Dog Cheney the snarling profiteer and ChickenHawk warmonger that we all know and love.

We also have our old decrepit friend and favorite global financier and NWO manipulator Uncle Fester i mean David Rockefeller [Rockefucker].

Watch Big Dick Cheney suck up to Rockefeller and refer to him in first name terms as if to say "we are great friends and we go waaaay back ..." and towards the end of his very revealing speech watch how his demeanour completely changes into subservience after his little speech about the proposed domination of South America via Rockefeller and "free trade agreements - blah blah blah blah..."been there got the T-shirt and know all about Free Trade Trojan horses etc. - comes to and end and he almost falls over off his walking stick when the godfather takes to the podium.He almost crumbles when this happens and then looks awkward and undignified when he goes back for his book that he left behind.

Its almost like Rockefeller is going to tell Big dick to get his pipe ,newspaper and slippers for him.

He looks to be visibly cowering at various points when David Rockefeller is praising him for being a good obedient little dog and then sends him off with a bag of doggytreats.

Dick Cheney is low level mafioso in the Geoploitical Mafia food chain.

This unfinished remark made me prick up my ears and i shall quote it here :

"He is a founding member of the Council...er...he's rendered yeoman duty to the nation "

To finish the sentence for Dick who obviously forgot his words or suddenly realised that he was about to say something he shouldnt he was about to say :

"He is a founding member of the Council Of Foreign Relations"

There you go just in case you were curious.

"The council..." is a bit vague and non specific and could mean anything or could mean your local council for example and we wouldnt want anyone to make the mistake of writing letters to their council and addressing them to David Rockefeller.

I am not exactly sure what "rendered yeoman duty to the nation " means exactly but no doubt its masonic terminology or the suchlike.

Now i am curious....

Anyway whatever "rendered yeoman duty to the nation" means in reference to David Rockefeller i would just like to say a very big thank you to David Rockefeller anyway.

Where would we all be without him ?

[I do believe that David Rockefeller lists a postal address and registered office and contact no: that you can contact him on if you feel the need and i have i have it lying around somewhere or on file if only i could remember where...]

In the 7 years since this video their plans for domination and takeover of South America have not gone at all well........

Its also funny when you consider the downfall of the Neocon regime since 2002 and you consider the damage done to the international reputation of the US by Neocons i cant help but look at these 2 and think of them as a political version of Laurel and Hardy.

What seems to happening now is that their plans for world denomination are beginning to unravel partly because they are being complacent and sloppy and people are waking up to the truth.they are becoming sloppy because they are becoming desperate .When people are desperate they make mistakes.

I say leave them be for a while longer until the inevitable happens and they push their luck too far....

Be patient as it wont be much longer now......and yes they will try it on as they cant stop themselves...

I get the feeling their greed will be their undoing just like it always is.

So here we have the godfather of global domination and his Lackey.

A couple of decrepit tired pathetic old men.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Zionism/Zionist Jews ,Race and ignorance :


Read on and pay attention:

I often use the term of description "Zionist".

Just to keep things very very simple instead of spinning off on a multitude of different tangents regarding Jews and Zionist Jews and Non-Jew Zionists etc etc and the differences between Sephardic Jews and Ashkenasi Jews etc etc and about the rights and wrongs or extremes of Zionism i just wish to add this:

Race is totally irrelevent here.

Forget all about Race.

Its unimportant.

Dont attack the symptom or one of.

Attack the cause.

If you cant get a satisfactory answer to a problem with the manager of a franchise then go and talk to the owners of the franchise instead.

If that doesnt work out then go to the owners of the entire franchise instead.

Go to those who own the the name and the licence.

The owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank who are actually based in the City Of London are commonly known as the Anglo - Dutch offshore banking cartel which comprises of 13 individual banking families.

Some are Ashkenasi Jews or of differing Jewish and non Jewish heritage so it is a misnomer to say "Zionist Jews" are the cause of all the problems regarding banking for example.

"Zionist Jews !!"

Its partly true but it is also wrong and misguided and it is a diversion and it shifts blame to one particular cause and one cause only and one people when in reality its far more complicated and convoluted than that.

The reason for this is very simple and heres an example:

Ever heard about the historical facts that prove that Rothschilds bankrolled Hitler ?

Lets keep it simple and just say "bankrolled" otherwise before i know it thats another 3 paragraphs.

Ask yourself Why ? a banking dynasty of Ashkenasi Jews would support and bankroll Hitler and the Nazi Party ?

After all lots and lots of Jews were persecuted and exterminated under the Nazi regime.

Doesnt make any sense does it ? if you assume that this particular banking family of Ashkenasi Jews had any sense of loyalty to their Jewish Brethren.

The problem here is just because an individual is of Jewish Heritage you can not assume that a particular Jewish individual practices their faith.

In the case of Rothschilds they do not partake in the Jewish faith nor do they have any sense of loyalty to the Jewish people in general.

Anyway to get back to the point the Rothschilds and already existing associates of for example have in the past supported Hitler , they supported the Neocons ,they created and supported and initiated the Russian Revolution ,they created and initiated and own the state of Israel ,they bankrolled and initiated the cultural revolution in China /Maoism,They created,initiated,and bankrolled the UN,they created ,initiated and bankrolled the IPCC [a political offshoot of the UN] and the climate change scam [AGW],they have or do have interests in various Arab nations,they created and initiated and bankrolled the British empire,they created and initiated and bankrolled the |United states and the list goes on .

I wouldnt be surprised if there was a connection to Oliver Cromwell either.

The US is owned and runned from the City Of London.

The United States has paid a dividend to the UK/City Of London since the day it was founded.

The United States is a subsidary of the UK and is runned as a company.

The UK is a company .

ALL just pawns in the game.....

Except the grand chess game is nearly over....

What you have here is a select group of individual global financiers who are in on everything and are defacto world rulers.

There may well be others above them and i dont doubt it.

Globalism is the creation of these global financiers.

These Elitists are apolitical or more to the point and i dont know what the term of description is for someone who supports and has created every every political ideology there is but to these individuals it doesnt really matter.

To them its all a means to an end and as long as the end result is the same and that result being global domination then they dont care how it is achieved and who does it and under what pretext.

Its all about money and power and influence and to just point the finger of blame onto "Zionist Jews" or Zionists is wrong and misguided and misinformed and its a lie.

In actual fact there is such a thing as US/Zionist foreign policy but it doesnt originate there and to the banking cartel Zionism is the tool that is used to get the job done.

Its neither right nor wrong to state that attacking Iran is a result of "Us/Zionist" foreign policy.It depends which way you look at it.

In the main though its all a Front.

The religious faith of the Anglo Dutch banking cartel and the Illuminati is very complicated indeed so i will save that for later but it has got nothing to do with the Jewish faith or the Talmud or anything like that.Before you know it you are talking about Jesuits and Satanists/Theosophy amongst many things.

Are the Protocols of The Learned Elders Of Zion a fake and are disinfo that shifts the blame away from themselves and onto others where it doesnt belong as a diversion /smokescreen ?

Well you never can tell.

Personally i believe that they are a fake or that they are not representative of the beliefs of those who wrote them.

Imagine that you are informed that a particular individual or individuals murdered someone in your close family and you take action.

Imagine then that the real perpetrators shifted the blame onto others and escaped justice.

Thats how it works.

Simple psychology.

You have to be able to look at the evidence and be able to see every angle and draw your own conclusions if hard physical evidence or witnesses are lacking.

I get a little bit tired of everyone going on about Jews - Zionism *all the time* when they are uneducated and ignorant and dont understand the bigger picture.

You could do a lot worse than look in the direction of the Jesuits and the Vatican and Freemasonry......

I am not politically correct in any way but simply when you consider the facts and the evidence the constant mantra of "Jew-Zionist Scum Bankers !" etc etc is slanderous and is a form of persecution and is ignorant.

Not ignorance as in bigotry which it is in itself but its ignorance of facts.

Its a trap that people fall into through their own lack of research and education and if you want to understand who - what - why - and where then you have to learn to see beyond these very narrow parameters which are in themselves a form of deception and is divide and rule and its the cause of nearly all wars

I dont support the ADL but as i know the facts i know and understand that this is indeed the case.

The Endgame is a centralised single world government.

World Domination.

The political vehicle which is what an Ism or an Ideology is that is intended to achieve world domination is Communitarianism like i keep saying over and over and over again.

People are beginning to wise up to this fact *at last* because they are realising that there is little or no difference between parties as "they are all the same" or they are "LibLabCons" or that "The govt always gets in" and the suchlike.

This is indeed the case .

The EU is Communitarian

Globalism is Communitarianism.

The NWO is Communitarianism.

Communitarianism is Communism and Nazism combined.

China is a good example of this as China is a |Communist country and a Capitalist country at the same time.

Ultimately you can write long and convoluted essays and thesis on what is the exact definition of Communism or Fascism but ultimately its all about the poor being fucked over by the Mega rich.

I believe/know myself that these individuals lean very very far to the right but it is dressed up in left wing collectivist thinking because that is obviously more palatable than a political movement that is overtly Nazi.When you look beyond all the flowery talk of the "Global Village" and "Global Citzenship"you realise that the endgame is Totalitarianism.

Its all a means to an end.

Centralised govt is Totalitarianism in the simplest terms.

Anyone who still thinks that world politics is still all about Communism or Fascism which is the left/right dichotomy is hopelessly out of date and seriously needs to get with the picture and keep up to date with current events.

It might be as far as you are all concerned but to the global architects behind the EU and the UN and Nafta etc its all redundant now.

Its all about dissolving nations and borders into homogenised and centrally governed "Blocs" or "Zones" that will be unilaterally governed.

I know this is all fact but you can look it all up yourself if you like.

And if you still cant see it after that or deny its existence or are too lazy to find out for yourself or dont care then you are a dumb fucking idiot .

Perhaps you are so Zombified or stubborn that you are beyond help.

Perhaps you think that there are fairies living at the end of your garden or that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow ?

Dont be a dumb idiot.

Educate yourself.

Nothing is what it seems......

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Criminal :

Link :


Hes not smiling and looking smug so much anymore.

Watch Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke fold under questioning.

Read the body language and signals and listen to the voice patterns that give away the fact that he is lying .

The wavering faltering shaky voice is a sign that the subject is under stress and is lying and is hiding something.

Useless unconcinving Liar.

This is someone who is/was intoxicated with power.

Chairman Bernanke fails to ensure that there is proper communication between the FED and the Bank Of America and the relevant Govt Depts and the American people that the FED were bailing out the BOA to the tune of 20 billion USD !!

The American people are not told that a wholly private banking institution is using 20 billion USD of their money to bail out [buy up] the Bank Of America.


They conduct criminal fraudulent banking practices to artificially inflate the money and investment markets the same way that they control and artificially increase or decrease the amount of cash in circulation with NO oversight.

Everytime they print 1 USD they charge you interest on it on top of the loan.

Cash out of nothing.

Debt out of nothing.

The biggest PONZI scam EVER.

Theres a lot of heat on the FED at the moment.

I bet if the FED is to be audited those who conduct the audit will not only find that there is NO gold in fort Knox and they will find evidence of all kinds of criminal activity like for example :the financing of foreign wars,the financing of foreign governments,connections to foreign banks,details of bank accounts in offshore tax havens,offshore slush funds,evidence of dollars printed specifically for bribes,evidence of the USD being used to invest and expand very large corporations,connections to drug trafficking,connections to the supply and trafficking of arms etc etc.

Where did 8,500 tons of gold go to ??

Cash does not disappear.It never disappears.It always goes somewhere......

These criminals have got their finger in every single dirty illegal criminal pie imaginable.

Every possible thing you can think of its there.

This is as big as it gets and the problem is not going to just go away and its not going to be stopped by staging another false flag event or with another financial crisis or an assasination or even an economic collapse because even if the FED in its present state of being privately owned and ownership is transferred back to congress then the exposure of the fraud and criminality will probably cause an economic collapse anyway.

I dont know where to start to even start thinking about it.

If H>R 1207 passes through both houses and is passed then the banking policies of the FED will be revealed and the scam will be exposed and it will end.

None of this economic shit that we are in right now would be happening if it wasnt for the FED.

None of it.

Its the FED who are responsible for the derivatives bubble that is yet to explode......

Wipe the slate clean and start again.

Its the only way.

Arrest these treasonous traitorous criminals before they ruin and takeover everything.

There will be crisis meetings taking place in private amongst the criminal baking elites and they will most probably trying to think of a solution or a diversion but if anything untoward were to happen then it will give the game away.

You just have to hope that those in congress will do the right thing and not succumb to outside pressure and will not accept bribes and do the responsible thing and pass HR 1207.

If H.R 1207 is not passed and is rejected then another H.R 1207 will present itself and another and another and another until it is passed.

What does he think he is going to do ?

Threaten the US with Martial Law *again* ?

Games [almost] up.

If i was in his shoes i would star packing up and flee to South America or go into hiding somewhere .......

They will start shredding paper before the federal reserve headquarters is closed of as a crime scene.

Link to video where Bernanke threatens to collapse the US economy in retaliatiion or in response to H>R 1207 :


My God what a terrible thing it would be if the FED was transferred back to public ownership and was controlled by Congress.

You can guarantee that the very same thing has been going on to a greater or lesser extent with the BOE.

These criminals are not the top of the pyramid by any means.Bernanke is just on the payroll.It goes much higher than this.

Ron Paul 2012 !

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Nazi Fraud/Nazi Alert :

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5351983394768711138" />

Wholesale lies and betrayal and deception of the US electorate as a whole.

"I will change the way Washington does business"

Yeah sure you have changed it for the worse and changed NOTHING.

I never liked this Cunt anyway regardless of his colour as i know a Snake Oil salesman when i see one .

I thought he was as believable as a used car salesman.

I smelt a Rat and i was right.

As usual.

Only Stupid Suckers believed in him.

As usual.

Nazi Eugenics that is being proposed by Zionists on behalf of Zionists.

Watch this video and pay attention to it :


Look who is called into question after the 8 minute interval .

Ezekial Emmanuel brother of Rahm Emmanuel.

Ezekial Emmanuel is being called out by Anton Chaitkin who is a Jewish historian.

Watch how he suddenly has to go to an "Important meeting" when he is called out on the topic of Euthanasia.

A Coward who cant even sit there and uphold his own principles.

How many other Emmanuels are there ?

You cant say that you werent warned at least by myself and many many others.

Like the video says this is the *beginning* of utilitarian "health care" Nazi style and it goes way beyond voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill patients.I dont disagree with that at all as i believe in an individuals right to refuse health care if they are terminally ill.its their choice to make or it should be.

Ezekial Emmanuel tells Drs to "Junk" the Hypocratic Oath.

KIll or let die those with NO money to SAVE money.

This is in anticipation of the apparent incoming economic crash.We havent seen the economic crash yet according to some.

Anyway enough about that for now.

Dr EmmaNAZIuel - [Ashke-Nazi - party] writes articles against assisted suicide because you cant possibly let someone have the choice of ending their own life but he advocates state enforced euthanasia but its fine for the Messiah to decree that its now time for the state to choose who lives and dies.

This is state enforced euthanasia which is rather different to the above because if you are unlucky enough to be old and poor for example then the govt will make the decision for you.

And guess what ?

Why is this ?

Its because there is not enough money to go around to provide "Free health care for all" as was pledged during the OBama Sock Puppet presidential campaign.

Where did all the money go to ?

Bankster criminal elitist Mafioso.

Remember how your great leader stood up at the time of the bailouts and immediately went along with it all without question ?

Well what about the poor and the disadvantaged ?

What about the impoverished African Americans in the projects who were falling over themselves to vote this fraudulent filthy NWO Nazi Sock Puppet into power ?

Where is there universal health care going to come from ?

Its not going to come from anywhere because it isnt going to happen.

Why isnt it going to happen when it was promised ?

Its not happening because we are in an economic crisis [artificially generated] and its very convenient that things like universal healthcare are dropped and in return you have a programme of Utilitarian involuntary Euthanasia that is bound in simple economics that is also Nazi in nature yet its advocated because of economic reasons and practicality.

Its Nazi pure and simple.

This Healthcare programme will kill African Americans .

Legalising of late term abortion will kill more african Americans than Whites.

NO Welfare handouts to them either.

What this proves to me is that the line between the Red banner brigade and National socialism is very very thin.

It is as clear as day in the video.

No surprise there.

What we have here is the complete opposite to that - Almost universal lack of health care.

This is the reality of the Obama administration.

What do we have ?

1:The charismatic "Leader" and the cult of personality and its mass following.The "Love" of a "Great Leader".The "Love" of BIg Brother.
Mass Hysteria.
WE have all seen this before somewhere

2:We have more or less the very same economic situation in the US as there was in Nazi Germany and we have the opportunistic charismatic leader who appears at the right time as if by divine intervention who has the answers to all the problems of the economy etc.

3:We have the even bigger government than before that is assembled at lightning speed as there cannot be any delay because the "great work" has to be done and time cannot be wasted.

4:we have the existing legal framework of oppression in place.Much of it was already initiated and put into place by the Neocons [Fascists remember?]like the Patriot Act.

5:We have continent wide Fema /Rex 84 Detainment camps .

6:We have the initiation of a programme of armed youth and civilian brigades that are heavily politicised and armed.

You do not have a politicised militarised armed civilian security force in a free country.It does not happen.This is straight out of Nazi Germany or the USSR.

7:We have the control of the US economy being handed over wholesale to a privately owned cabal of Banksters in the Federal Reserve.The Federal Reserve is privately owned.There is nothing "Federal" about it.Nothing.It works outside of the Govt and they are effectively above the law.This is Fact.

The so called "credit Crunch" was artificially manipulated.The system encourages debt and borrowing as much as possible by creating a giant Ponzi scheme with money being created out of thin air and when the time is right and conditions are at their optimum they cut the supply of available cash available and a collapse ensues and then the very same individuals seize assets or take over institutions etc.

This amounts to a massive transfer of ownership and wealth and not only that but it also amounts to a power grab and control of the entire economic system.

Cunts like Bernanke are threatening to crash the entire US economic system if Ron Pauls proposed H.R.1207 bill that proposes to re-nationalise and audit the FED passes through both houses and becomes actual legislation.

This is a threat of economic terrorism against the people of the US.

How much more blatant does it have to be ?

Like killing two birds with one stone.

8:We have the Patriot act that is being used/abused by the Obama adminstration.The Department Of Homeland Security is part of the same political apparatus.Its political and its not just about security.The DHS has issued and has extensive lists of US citzens on it.These citzens are not terrorists.They are right wing in nature admittedly in varying degrees but these individuals on this lists are effectively political dissidents and are marked by the DHS and filed according to potential risk.

Anyone who opposes the Obama regime and who advocates the protection of the US Constitution against traitors is now a political dissident.

Who can say that this may not enable a Pogrom to take place with the minority group in question being the political opposition ?

And *since when* was the US a "Homeland" anyway ?

Sounds like Nazism to me.

9:We have the Obama administration attempting a Gun Grab which violates the second amendment.

Disarming the populace is the objective while at the same time arming a politicised militarised civilian security force.

If they cant take thge guns they will control the fliow of available ammunition which is already happening as i type.

An oppressive fascist regime does not want armed civilians .

We have the executive branch of the Obama administration being filled with those who are not sympathetic to the US constitution and whose agenda is all about wrecking it wholesale.

10:Not necessarily similar to Nazi Germany but worthy of inclusion all the same is the fact that almost the entire administration that was assembled after the election is all about the interests of Wall Street to the extent that just about every other large scale interest has been ruled out.

Obama is all about Money.

Obama is all about Wall Street.

Very powerful economic interests now rule the administration to the detriment of everything else.

11:We have centralisation of government .We have the enlargement of centralised government on a scale never before seen in the US.We have more legislatiion and more powers being given to the Federal Government on an even larger scale than was seen during the Bush Years.

12:We have the first state runned News/Propaganda service in the form of ABC news which has handed over power or been taken over by government in a pathetic attempt to manipulate public opinion .

Why they bother doing this i simply do nt understand.Or more correctly why bother to control one news source and politicise it when there are other sources of news that are not so politicised and biased.

It may be the case that this is just the first.It would make more sense to control all of them and control internet access like in China.

It may just be the case that its something that the Obama administration has to get out of its system.

Again this not symptomstic of a free society in the same way to a lesser degree the BBC is now politically biased and is a state runned broadcasting network.

Mind you we already have and are witnessing Operation Mockingbird in action which is a mass media manipulation programme which is designed to deceive the gullible .

13:We have a military programme of US Zionist imperialism going on in various theatres of war like Pakistan,Iraq,Afghanistan,etc.Next up is Iran.These military operations are propped up and justified by a rolling media propaganda machine that demonises these countries as being hotbeds of terrorism.Iran is the case in pont here as the current regime in Iran is not compliant to US/Zionist economic and strategic interests.The current regime in Iran is secular in nature and is not Internationalist in nature.

The CIA is heavily involved in attempting to overthrow the current Ahmadinejad regime and hold another election and replace Ahmadinejad with a placeman or stooge that is sympathetic to US/Zionist interests.

Whats wrong with Ahmedinajad ?

Ahmadinejad wants to stop trading oil for US dollars.

At present the US Govt trades US dollars for oil with Iran and the money that the US Govt makes from the exchange is offset against the National debt of the US.

This is one of the major concerns of the US beside the strategic interests of the area plus the interests of multinational oil companies.

So we dont have a climbdown from aggressive US/Zionist foreign policy as it is actually increasing.

14 :We have bills of legislation being forced through Congress where discussion or debate on these bills is not permitted.Again this does not happen in a free and democratic society.

15:We have Govt workers marking and filing a GPS for *every* residence in the US under the guise of census taking.This might well be the case but it may also facilitate a smooth and efficient programme of Round - Ups.

16 :We have a potential mandatory mass vaccination programme being implemented as a reaction to the manufactured Swine Flu virus.

Again this is not what you find in a free society.

My advice to you is to NOT accept a Swine Flu or any other Flu vaccination under ANY circumstance.I will add more to this subject in another post later.

The Swine Flu vaccination will comprise of 3 seperate vaccinations.

One vaccination in itself is bad enough what with the cocktail of Carcinogens and Toxins and Oil Derivatives and Foetal matter and various heavy metals as well as ian infection with the Virus itself.

From what i understand the combination of all 3 vaccinations will be LETHAL and not only that just for good measure one of the vaccines will contain substances that are known to trigger Cancer in an individual.This being Leukemia from what i understand.

The poor cant have free healthcare but they can have lethal injections for nothing.


The individuals that are pushing this filth that are behind the UN fronted World Health Organisation are Nazi Eugenicists.

You read that bit right.

So everytime you hear that silly little WHO Japanese woman wittering on about Pandemics this is their solution.

The Elderly ,the poor , the weak , the disadvantaged will by targeted first with this programme and are not very likely to resist it.

I am sure that there is a whole lot more to add to this article so i will continue to add to it as and when and sooner rather than later.

17: Mass regulation of just about everything.This is endemic of nazis and Communists alike.

18: The Enemy within scenario. This is very typical psychology of oppressive regimes who need to have an ever present invisible 'Bogeyman to generate fear among the populace and to justify oppressive legislation and erosion of civil liberties.

19:We have a state runned economic solution to the collapse of the economy which involves Cap and Trade and the creation of millions of Green jobs and the creation of a green manufacturing industry plus millions of govt posts that are all interrelated to the scheme.

Fascist/Totalitarian regimes often adopt grandiose schemes that sweep out the old redundant industries and replace them with a new infrastructure that is industrial and also usually involves things like roadbuilding programmes and that type of thing.All accomplished under whatever form of collectivism it happens to be at the time.This is why Obama is urging as many useful idiots as possible to participate in Govt schemes and programmes.Everyone works for the Govt or the State which is the govt.

20: The proposal of Preventative [of crime] *indefinate* detention without charge.

28 days is the maximum in any supposed democratic country that abides by the rule of law.

The Obama administration wants to construct an entirely new legal framework that will somehow reconcile this proposal which is wholly unconstitutional to the existing lawful framework of the US constitution.

Hello newly indefinately incarcerated political dissidents !!

Enjoy your indefinate stay in a Fema Camp !!

21:You cannot now question or debate 9/11.

Obama :"These are not opinions to be debated - these are facts to be dealt with "

They are trying to tell you what to think.

The fact is though is that roughly speaking about 75% percent of the US -just within the US are now very sceptical about the official version of events and its growing by the day.

The Govt does not tell you what to think in an open and free society.

23:We have mass medication programmes in the form of Fluoridation of drinking water.

We have the mass manufacture and distribution of Aspartame in soft drinks etc as an alternative to sugar.

Both of these substances are proven to affect behaviour and are mood suppressors or stabilisers.A chemical cosh in other words.

A chemical dumbing down and poisoning of the populace.

Nazis/IG Farben were the first to use Fluoride in the water supply of concentration camps.

As it is right now its all looking very ugly indeed .

The entire political system has been taken over by criminal Nazi filth and its long overdue for a cleanout of the entire political system.

Violence may prove to be a last resort here unfortunately as i cant see this criminal filth giving up and walking out.

These Fascists and criminals in their entirety need to be taken out and *neutralised*.

Its the only way to be sure as the only good or useful Nazi or Communist is a dead one.

Fill up a mass grave in an undisclosed location with them.

Fill the hole with Quicklime.

I dont normally advocate violence but in this case i dont see any other way unfortunately because these people WILL potentially try to KILL you instead.

I Shit you not.

The history books are littered with this type of scenario.

Look for yourself and dont just take my word for it and while you are at it try and prove that everything in this post is not FACT.

If any of you thought that Nazism died after the end of WW2 then wake up because its here and its going to happen all over again.

People are going to die because of a minority of Zionist Bankster criminals.

The evidence for this is all around.

Choose a coloured Frontman to make him untouchable because he is to a certain extent "Black" because if you attack or criticise him you are automatically tarred and feathered as a "Racist".

Nazism is now inclusive and includes everyone or anyone into its fold.

Easy.Simple Psychology.

This is an an aggressive Corporate takeover that amounts to Tyranny or a Nazi Kleptocracy.

More than half of them are Foreign occupiers and are now Traitors who have no right to be there.

Where is Obamas Birth Certificate ?

Obama is a cousin of Dick Cheney.

You cannot remove Tyrants by being a Pacifist if they are trying to kill you.

They come for the weak and the disadvantaged first and when they are done with them they will come for you.

These people from the Zionist bankers that own the Fed right down to someone like Ezekial Emmanuel are your enemy.

Globalism and the NWO and its architects and its proponents are your enemy.

Rothschilds = Public Enemy number 1.

The NWO *will be* a bastardised offspring or mutation or an unholy alliance of Fascism and Communism that is abhorrent and ultimately Evil.

The architects of it like Rothschilds and Rockefellers et al are Evil.

I find these people and their principles to be abhorrent in the extreme.

I knew this would happen anyway and the battle of Good against Evil has now begun and i have assumed my rightful place in it.

I wish i was wrong.I really really do want to be wrong but its not possible.

This is reality.

You have now been warned....

Thursday, 25 June 2009

How to avoid paying a parking fine :

This is the reply to the letter posted below :

Perhaps later i will summarise this and explain what it means and its implications.Its all about Company/Corporate law and understanding the difference between that and Common law.They are 2 completely different things.

And no its not just about avoiding paying parking fines etc.You might argue that parking fines as a deterrent are a necessary evil and i am inclined to go along with that to a certain extent but to view this letter as a means of mass non payment of parking fines and nothing much more than that is to miss the point of it completely.

Its not about Anarchy and doing what the fuck you like regardless of the consequence or impact that your actions might have upon others as like i said above i am of the mind that small matters like the law and smaller matters like planning law are necessary evils providing that these institutions are impartial and fair but at the moment they are not .This is part of the problem and its also a large part of the problem that the system is inherently corrupt as you must be aware of by now after bailouts of banks etc and the fact that the Govt dont represent you and only represent their vested interest and the interests of those at the top of the pyramid.

You might not disagree with parking regulations but you might disagree with the overzealousness of parking attendants on performance related pay in which case the letter posted below gives you the ammunition to not pay that unjustly imposed parking fine rather than appealing against it which may or may not get you anywhere.

You may also use this letter as ammunition against Govt legislation if you have been on the receiving end of it or if you are wrongly or unjustly charged by the police or simply dont agree with it.

If you are asked your identity by the police and they ask for your legal title i:E Mr.ALAN SMITH or ask to confirm it dont give it to them or confirm anything. .Refuse to acknowledge or dismiss or disregard this kind of legal terminology and refer to yourself as Peter of the Wolf family or Mark of the McDonald family or whatever your surname/s is .Do not reply to any request of confirmation of title IE : Mr - Miss - Mrs that appears before your name on legally binding documents or forms or anything else when you are confronted by agents of the corporation of the UK.Thisw obviously only applies to govt legislation and does not apply if you sign up for a new credit card etc.However they both use corporate law.If you sign up for a credit card by registering with your full legal title you accept the terms and conditions because you signed up to them and you agreed with them .

The most important and vital point with UK PLC is that you were signed up to and agreed to the conditions of UK PLC by a legal guardian wether or not that was unknowingly or not *without your consent* because you cant very well consent to anything if you were a few days old so someone else acted on your behalf and signed the contract [a registration of birth document] and even with the best intentions or complete ignorance they entered you into a contract without your consent.

This is the basis of extracting yourself from this *legally* binding contract .

If you were a writer would you accept someone else signing you up to a publishing contract with a publisher without your consent ?

If you were a musician in a band looking for a recording contract and found out that someone else had entered you into a recording contract with a record label without your consent even if they had the the best intentions ?

Would you object to this because you did not consent to it ?

I should think that you would so its really no different if you consider what this post is about.Thats providing that you understand what i am saying.

*Every kind of contract no matter what it is has to have your consent.

So therefore someone else cannot give your consent to something unless you consent to it yourself first.you might give consent to someone else to give your consent to sign you up to anything you like if you consent to it first but if you dont then they have no right to act on your behalf and give your consent to anything.

The consent can be yours and has to come from yourself otherwise its not consent.

This is your get out of jail for free card but bear in mind that this only applies to company law and not common law.

Look up what common law is and you will find that it applies to everyone who lives in the UK and there is no escaping it.

Govt legislation is corporate law.If you are charged with an offence look it up and find out if you have breached corporate law or if you have broken the law of the land which is common law.

Its far too long and convoluted to explain all this in a short post and the implications of this are far too wide and far reaching to sum up in a paragraph.

The system is being abused by UK PLC.This is how you fight back if you are on the receiving end of it.

Its not recommended to use this wholesale against any legislation but you can if you like as this letter can be duplicated as it is like a one letter fits all type thing.

Refer the main body of text to the relevant/appropriate authority/corporation that you are dealing with names [if there are any] and departments and case nos or reference numbers etc and dates etc.

Without doing it for you i cant make it any easier for you.

"Chris Lees - Penalty Charge Notice climb down by a Company called South Gloucestershire Council

After Chris was given a Penalty Charge Notice by SGC he sent them this letter below. Below that you will see the letter sent to Chris by SGC saying the matter is now concluded with nothing to pay!

In care of:
(Address removed for publishing)
May 28th, 2009

Re: GS10092187, dated 26/05/09.
Notice of Discharge of Outstanding Fixed Penalty Charge and Request for Clarification.

South Glos Council
Civic Centre
High Street
BS15 9TR

Dear Sirs,

Please read the following notice thoroughly and carefully before responding. It is a notice. It informs you. It means what it says.

The reason why you need to read carefully is simple. I am offering conditional agreement. This removes controversy, and means that you no longer have any ultimate recourse to a court of law in this matter, because there is no controversy upon which it could adjudicate. You always have the option of dragging these conditions into a court of law only to be told that they are, indeed, perfectly lawful. That is, of course, always your prerogative should you decide to waste your time.

For this reason it is important that you consider and respond to the offer in substance. The 'nearest official form' will not suffice, and consequently is likely to be ignored by myself without any dishonour on my part.

On the other hand there is a time-limit on the agreement being offered. It is reasonable, and if it runs out then you and all associated parties are in default, removing any and all lawful excuse on your part for proceeding in this matter.

For these reasons it is recommended that you carefully consider this notice and respond in substance, which means actually addressing the points raised herein.

You have apparently made allegations of criminal conduct against me.

You have apparently made demands upon me.

I do not understand those apparent demands and therefore cannot lawfully fulfil them. I seek clarification of your document so that I may act according to the law and maintain my entire body of inalienable Natural Rights.

Failure to accept this offer to clarify and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 (seven) days will be deemed by all parties to mean you and your principal or other parties abandon all demands upon me.

I conditionally accept your offer to agree that I am legal fiction 'person' Mr Christopher Mark Lees and that I owe £70 for services rendered by your company, upon proof of claim of all of the following:

1. Upon proof of claim that I am a person, and not a human being.

2. Upon proof of claim that you know what a 'person' actually is, in legal terms.

3. Upon proof of claim that you know the difference between a 'human being' and a 'person', legally speaking.

4. Upon proof of claim that you know the difference between 'legal' and a 'lawful'.

5. Upon proof of claim that I am legal fiction 'person' Mr Christopher Mark Lees, being the entity to which your paperwork was addressed, and not Christopher: of the Lees family, as commonly called.

6. Upon proof of claim that the charge was the result of a lawful investigation unmarred by prejudice.

7. Upon proof of claim that I am a member of the society whose statutes and subsisting regulations you are enforcing.

8. Upon proof of claim that I showed you some sort of identification.

9 Upon proof of claim that there is a nameable society that I belong to and that the laws covered within any alleged transgressions state that they apply to me within that named society.

Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity

By: ***_____________________ *** (Agent)
Christopher: of the Lees family
WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. all Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved
Please address all future correspondence in the matter to a direct Human Self, namely Christopher: of the Lees family, as commonly called.

Encl: Original paperwork as received.

This is thier responce!!"

[see top of the post]

Not a lot of people know this.

I was in court once for ABH.The CPS were pressing charges so i called them up and said that i wasnt interested in attending the court .They wrote back saying that i didnt have to attend the court hearing and the case was closed and that was that.I had already not attended one court hearing when i called them.

Never heard another thing from them about it.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

EU Elections :

"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized: In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident"
Arthur Schopenhauer (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)

Vote UKIP or Libertas on July 4th.

This will help us all to rid ourselves of the deceitful legal trickery of The Lisbon Treaty and it will send a very strong message to the arrogant power grabbers that are the Euro elites who act like they own the place and who act like The Lisbon Treaty is already in law when it isnt and who will turn everying into one homogenised mass that is easier for them to control.

Such is the "democracy" of the EU or at least their inverted Leftist doublespeak definition of the word.

The Euro elites are creating 18 extra seats in the EU parliament.The elected politicians wont actually have to do *anything* for their pay and expenses etc.

They get everything except a job.

This is because the Lisbon Treaty creates 18 more seats *even though it has not been fully ratified yet*.

Beginning to get the picture yet ?

Arrogance and it makes a mockery of what little democracy there is left before these self appointed Leftist arrogant cocksuckers destroy it completely.

If they are this arrogant and power hungry now what do you think the future will be like ??

I will go as far as to say that if the spineless shower of gravy train riders that are the majority of the MEPs in the EU parliament had anything about them they would be vociferously objecting to this carry on .

No such thing in reality as the majority are weak people with no backbone who are highly irresponsible and who do a great disservice to everyone .

I hate weak people with no morals or principles and who do what is expedient politically or otherwise just to keep themselves on the gravy train unless their political beliefs or affiliations prevent them from having minds of their own .

I hate being treated like a child by Leftist centralised totalitarian control freaks.

Not voting Conservative because i dont trust them on their EU stance but given the choice out of the 3 main UK parties i will not be voting Not so New Labour or Lib Dem.

They will never ever get my vote.

Conervatives "oppose" the Lisbon Treaty but they are not *guaranteeing* a referendum.

They "believe" that the people of the UK should be able to decide for themselves.

Thats different to saying that the people of the UK have a *right* to decide for themselves as it is an imperative.

I dont trust them plus i have heard election promises before.

Fuck Labour unless you want to vote for Traitors and Sellouts.

Fuck the Green Party who are not part of the solution but are part of the problem and who also shelter known self confessed Paedophiles like Daniel Kohn Bendit - MEP for the German Green Party and Fuck the EU who knowingly sheltered him .

Leftists like Paedophiles.


Call me Conservative if you like .I have been called worse things.

There will be a day of reckoning sometime soon.

If you are a shallow self-interested DumbFuck with no interests beyond self gratification who doesnt care then Fuck Off right now because you are not needed now or at any time in the future.

You probably would have voted National Socialism in Germany in the 30s if you were there because you are too stupid and weak to do the right thing.

Fuck Angela Merkel.

Fuck that irritating annoying weak limp wristed self serving POS Tony Blair who is lining himself up to be a permanent EU president.



Monday, 1 June 2009

Mandatory Flu Vaccinations coming to the UK ?:

A mandatory Swine Flu vaccination in the autumn is already being proposed in France.

It might also happen here too...

I have a problem with this because i believe that the patient would have to give their informed consent before being be vaccinated.

This proposal and any other like it violates the medical ethic of informed consent.

Thats quite an important point really and i am not sure how or when i waived that right now or at any time in the future when the State thinks it can make decisions like that on my behalf.

Also given the track record of vaccinations and the drug cartels that produce them and the poisons that are contained in them i have every right to decline a vaccination for my own wellbeing.I am quite capable of fighting off Flu as last time i had it it was over in 4 days.No big deal.

So to get to the point any doctor who attempts to stick a needle in my arm without my consent is going to have a *very very bad day* and they will wish that they had stayed in bed.

It might be easier for the Dr just to pretend that i received a vaccination after throwing the unused needle and vaccination into the used needle Biohazard receptacle and say no more about it.

That would be preferable to the alternative plus i quite like my Dr anyway.

Anyone who thinks that they can force me to do something that i dont want to do like accept a vaccination had better find someone who deals with dangerous animals.They will need a tranquiliser gun.

I wont even show up for the appointment.

Its their choice to make because theres no way i am going to be involuntarily infected with a Baxter/Glaxo-Smithkline cultivated virus plus the associated cocktail of poisons and heavy metals which have been proven to cause some very unpleasent side effects apart from the flu virus itself.

The details of this are well publicised and easily available if the need arises.

Can i send off the vaccine to a lab independently and have it analysed before i accept it ?

This is non - negotiable.

They have the right to try.

I have the right to stop them.

They have the right to try and stop me from stopping them.

I have the right to stop them as well.

I have the right to use reasonable force as a means of self defence when attacked.

Nothing is injected into my body unless i say so.

Thats the rules of the game and they are very clear and simple.

People will go down and it wont be me and they will need to see a doctor or visit a hospital.

Fucking try it if you think you are up to it.

It might also be possible to chelate the toxins and carcinogens and heavy metals out of the system after a vaccination like you can do if you work with Lead and have reached your saturation point.Its done harmlessly with a course of tablets that drive it out of the system.

There are also plenty of ways to fight off colds and flu naturally.

The whole Swine Flu episode is highly spurious.

Fucking media generated alarmist Horseshit.

So in short and in the nicest politest possible way Baxter/GlaxoSmithkline and the Govt can shove my involuntarily prescribed dose of Swine Flu vaccination/s up their fucking collective arses.

I am not going to go along with Utilitarian Govt Draconian public health measures that are excessive and *unwarranted* and i am not here for Pharmaceutical drug barons to profit from.I am not their property.I am not here to be experimented on by drug companies.

Govts on behalf of Big Pharma are already attacking children with this Filth and undermining the authority of parents.

If a pandemic level is raised to 6 then Govts will try this as that is the situation where you do surrender your rights* .

* Correction :They surrender them for you.

There is also the issue of trust which runs alongside the issue of informed consent.

Right now my trust is non - existent .

No trust - NO consent.

Its a matter of principle and its the thin end of a wedge.

I am fucking sick of being told what to do and its like being under attack all the time at the moment.

Fuck Them.