Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bohemian Grove:

I was just perusing over some footage and pictures of Bohemian Grove in California in the US.

When i first saw the second picture of the infamous Chalet for the first time which was about 10 minutes ago something in my mind suddenly clicked and i had a bit of a shock.

This is the exact same wooden building that i used to feature in a recurring dream that i used to have when i was a kid.I cant actually remember for sure how many times i dreamt of this place or wether it was one of those instances of those dreams that somehow seem very profound that stay with you for life.

Obviously i cant be absolutely sure if this is the building in the dream but i had such a shock when i realised that i think it might be because the similarity is disturbing .Its even more disturbing that it seems like its the Chalet in Bohemian Grove.

On the other hand the similarity may be coincidence as after all it was a dream.

One must always be objective when one is investigating this type of thing or else you are only cheating yourself or giving way to fanciful ideas or reading too much into something.

I cant explain the feeling of shock that i just had which was completely involuntary and out of nowhere.I need to see more pictures to be absolutely sure but i definately remember the Redwood trees.

The interesting thing is in the dream the chalet and the area around it had this intense feeling or "vibe" of intense evil that emanated from the Chalet and the woods around it.

Also in the dream[s] i remember seeing a vampire who looked like the Christopher Lee archetypal horror film vampire with a long black cloak etc.I have a vague recollection that the vampire had just been drinking blood.The Vampire was the inhabitant of the building.

I think in the dream i fled the scene but unfortunately i cant remember anything else.

Given the nature of what actually goes on in this place and the the feeling in the dream and the rest of it i find this to be very curious indeed.

Its an interesting train of thought anyway.

I have no idea if i have ever visited this place for real but i did live in San Francisco for a few months in the 70s.If i did visit it then i dont remember but i dont think my father was ever a "Grover" somehow.

Its like i was tuning into something.

I hope not anyway.


I obviously have an interest in this stuff anyway but i find this a bit more of a coincidence.


  1. Dear Peter Wolf

    Hi Tweak72 here. I have this weekend found that there where several things that happened on Friday that lead you to leave the Board.

    It would transpire that the route cause of these problems was the return of the infamous Scojo under an assumed name Planetoid. And with a heightened air of aggravation both you and King Trout had a limited ban that the moderator gave out as a way of giving you both a time out to calm down.,26132.0/topicseen.html

    Even though you and I have had our differences in the past I do not think the issues on Friday are any reason to stop you from being a regular on the board. In fact it is likely that your singular point of view will be missed by several members as stated through out the above tread. I hope that you will take this opportunity reconsider your position and return to the Board.


  2. Hi, Peter

    Jim from the 2000ad forum here as well -- if you have a look at the board, I hope you'll see that even people who historically haven't agreed with you have been sorry to see you go.

    I hope you'll reconsider.



  3. Just read your comments that you posted .

    THanks Guys.

    I was half expecting to read puerile or trite comments from Anonymous trolls so your comments were a pleasent surprise.