Thursday, 10 January 2008

, Carbon emissions Ad Infinitum ..... STOP!! NEWSFLASH !!!! HILLARY CLINTON WINS NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARYS !!!!!

Honestly its like listening to a stuck record . for years and years and years and years no one gave a damn about ruining the planet except for a small minority.

Now climate Change is impossible to avoid as for one it is happening and 2 you hear endless debates about how best to deal with it and endless broadsheet articles about it.

Too much to go into right now not to mention the whole "Is Global Warning A Scam ? ".Far too much to go into now but the short answer is undeniably Yes and No.Its the cause that is what needs to be addressed to get to the facts and past the Lies and the Spin and Hidden Agendas /Politics. We get to the point of no return and even then you still have Politics Power Economics getting in the way and milking enviromental catastrophe for every penny its worth. Thats worthy of a post in itself.

Then you have the Green Lobby on the other side talking rubbish as usual .I am obviously "green" myself but i am getting sick and tired of the mainstream Green movement.

again worthy of another post on another day.

"What would happen if i drove a very large truck into the side of a Nucleur power station ? " said someone from Friends of the Earth today on the radio as if to say/think that that would trigger a repeat of Chernobyl !!!!

Honestly go back to primary school.

Anyway now that Politics /economics have done absolutly nothing about global Warming/Climate Change , it keeps changing its name - i cant keep up with it - someone somewhere make a fucking decision and stick to it rather than juggling media - friendly sound bites .I call it Climate Change NOT Global Warming .Thats inaccurate .Its been known about for at least 50 years wether its man made or The Sun or both as i like to think of it not to mention earth Wobble when the earth moves on its axis or anything else nothing has been done about it.I hold those at the top responsible ultimately because virtually no money has been invested in alternatives like developing a fusion Reactor for example.Imagine the cost of the Iraq war for example being invested in that instead ?

Enough of that for now.

Back to the point : Carbon emissions : Its all they ever talk about.We must cut carbon Emissions now ! Everyone has to do it !! Right Now !!!! alright then in 5 years time then , thats what our computer generated models say !!! they cant be wrong as the computer programme that we paid for that was based on our own government funded statistics says will happen . It cant be wrong ! We paid a "Scientist" to do it !! The Scientists say its true !! We paid them to say it !! honestly its true and not hypothetical ! Its not Hypothetical because its Scientific and science is never wrong until its proven to be wrong and even then it wasnt wrong because "we" thought it was right !! so we are never wrong wrong and we are the Government Military Industrial complex and its us who put you all in this situation by milking you dry through taxation and exploitation of the planet for personal gain while investing nothing in anything sustainable.

But we have to not think about that and concentrate on the "key" issues and the "challenges facing us today " in "Terms of climate change" which are what we will be having very big meetings about where we will sign a treaty that by the year 2060 we will still have done nothing about it.To be more precise we have all unanimously agreed not to plant any trees or do anything to stop any further Deforestation that is happening every second of the day of ever week of every year of every century.

Never mind all those Trees .They are not the point of it at all.Its whats in the atmosphere that is doing the harm and its all of " us "who are throwing out carbon emissions without a care in the world . where does it all go ? Up in the air and does terrible things to " us " all . "We" must cut down on Carbon Emissions now ! "We" must all switch to Energy Saving Lightbulbs ! " Its like they all had a collective idea that popped into their collective consciousness rather like a Lightbulb in a Cartoon.

Oh incidentally when i say "We" i actually mean "You".Thats right yes "you" .Its you who are responsible ! All of you ! You wasted all the oil ! You left lightbulbs turned on all night .You drove all the cars that burnt all the petrol that produced all those nasty Carbon Emissions . Not Us ! We just profited out of it all .Thats all and after all business is there to profit and exploit isnt it ? It justifies our very existence and without it there would be even less point to our existence than there is already `and anyway you need us to save you from enviromental disaster by imposing even more taxes on you than before.

Its not like you have ever provided an alternative is it or invested any more money than the bare minimum that you could get away with in providing sustainable energy and clean industry and all of a sudden its "our " fault while using "we" as if we really are a collective and all in the same boat which is in a way true but guess who put "us" there? Thats right The chimps tea party that calls itself government.

They create the problems, the people who contribute just as much to the problem the government has created turn to the government for a solution and it never never ever ends.A bit like a Hamster running around a wheel in a cage.

Taxes Taxes cut Carbon Emissions Impose taxes sign Treatys talk about "facing challenges" Ignore real enviromentalists - criminalise them even , Support corrupt governments that allow deforestation to happen , lie about the fact that oil supplys are running out just to hike prices of oil We wont restrict the amount of resources that China is swallowing up as that would not create shortages of resources that we can hike the prices of to profit out of . Its supply and demand you see and a free market .Its the way the world works and without it .....Anyway we dont want to impose industry to become Carbon neutral by planting the equivalent amount of trees to cancel out the carbon They produce that would mean that industry would have to contribute something to he enviroment rather than destroying it and it would also cost them money and we cant have that either as the trees wont give us a return on that investment .You cant put an actual price on improving life on the planet and anyway why change the habit of a lifetime ?

Its absurd that there is no such thing as a working Fusion reactor unless it has been surpressed when you consider its possible to have Nucluer Fission Reactor.Totally absurd.


You have to shout at them to make them listen and pay attention.

Russia supplies china with timber.half of it illegally logged.Indonesia supplies China with timber.80% of it illegally logged.More than 3 quarters of chinas forests have now gone.

China in terms of its own land mass is an enviromental catastrophe already and will get much worse so much so it will become uninhabitable.

I have to stop this for now.

Newsflash !! Hilary clinton wins New Hampshire Primarys !!! She would like to give a personal thank you to : Diebold Optical Scan Electronic Voting Systems and LHS Associates . "Without their support throughout the vote counting procedure she wouldnt have won this election !! "

Over to Hilary:

Reporter : "Hillary , this i is an Amazing result !! You must be celebrating tonight ! Is this result what you expected ?"

Hillary : " Yes absolutely it was ! We have all worked very hard on this campaign and i am confident that although we have a long way to go on this campaign we can confidently predict that the Democrats/Republicans can win this campaign and be back in the White house once more.

Listen , the voters voted tonight for change and i have so much to offer this great country and the voters responded to that.The voters want a president who is proactive, stands for whats right and has the strength to fight this campaign to the end and will ultimately and most importantly do the right thing !

Thanks a lot you guys working hard counting the votes down there .You are doing a great job but dont forget to throw away ,lose ,or miscount the oppositions votes !

Shit did i really say that ??? Listen you broadcast that last sentence and your outta the jabb !

Turn this goddamn microphone off Goddammit!!

You sons of bitches you say another word about rigged electronic voting scams and i am going to sue your ASS GEDDIT ? If this gets on FAX News your finished.

Reporter : "How do you feel about the fact that some voters are demanding a recount ? "

Hillary : "A recount of what ? "

Reporter : " Votes !! A recount of votes ! how do you feel about that ?"

Hillary : "Lets get this straight .First of all i got the most votes.Secondly i have connections in very high places and a lotta people have a lotta money invested in me and they will see to it that i win ! Its big buisness that decides the presidency of this country not voters .Understand ? Thats how Presidents are chosen.Who gives a Rats Ass about how many votes i get or any of the other candidates ?
Listen , The other candidates are only standing to create the illusion that there is a choice in this great country of ours about who leads this great nation of ours and not only that i have got 15 more months to go before i am president so i would appreciate it if we can all work together on this so that the voters doing get wise.Its very important that you guys all do your job, the guys who miscount the votes do their job and i do mine.

So what if it is a pointless merry go round and a forgone conclusion but it keeps you in a job doesnt it? "

Reporter :THE Whole thing SUCKS!!!

Hillary: "Too bad it sucks ! You are working for us ! You do what i tell you and report what we tell you write what i tell you and you goddamn smear the opposition when we GODDAMN TELL YOU !!!!!!!! You think things are bad now you wait till i am in power .I will make George W look like a goddamn Loser!"

Reporter: "He is a LOSER!"

Another Reporter : "What do you feel for Ron Paul and his campaign? "

Hillary: "Whos Ron Paul ? "

Another Reporter: "Exactly"

Hillary:" Seriously folks I dont Feel anything for Ron Paul ! I am married to my Husband Bill who has supported me throughout this campaign.For the record: Ron Paul You ARE a GODDAMN LOSER !"

Hillary: "End of questions . Press conference is Over."

You could bet on the outside favorites winning the election but the odds are so small on them winning that its really not worth it.But it may not be such a bad idea at all if the vote rigging was exposed at this early stage and was corrected immediately.Either recount the existing votes which is probably a waste of time as they have probably been "lost" or destroyed so the votes should be cast all over again with a transparent vote count that could be double checked for "Error".This is the problem with people in authority and those in their pockets is they simply cannot be trusted .

You see you might think that the Republicans will win but really thats not going to happen.Thats not how it works.

The other candidates may actually believe that they might win but they havent already been chosen for the job.

I only say that its not the way it works because the votecounting system isnt transparent .If voting was transparent then the outcome may be very different and an outsider may win.

You may even get a Cross-Dressing " I was a Hero when 9/11 happened !!" ex Mayor of New York. "I kept my cool all, through it and helped save the situation!!"

While i think of it the media spin out all sorts of propaganda to manipulate the voters .

Oh what a circus.

Its a bit like the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading the Children or someone with sight leading the blind or religion that says it will lead its followers to the promised land.

New York

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