Friday, 11 January 2008

Some more opinion on Rudee Gooley-Arnie :


not my words for a change:

"Rest assured Guiliani will not be elected US President. The chickens are coming home to roost for him after his gross negligence peior to 9/11- the failure to provide functioning Radios; on 9/11 where he trampled the streets of Manhatten like a headless chicken and yet he has the audacity to claim that he saved New York and post 9/11 where he was involved in the 9/11 cover up by expediting the removal of the steel that would have proved beyond doubt that there was controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and building 7. He was also involved in the cover up of the fact that he knew of the levels of toxicity in the air in lower Manhatten and didn’t supply the ground zero workers with masks with the result that as many if not more people will die than on 9/11 itself as a result of cancer and respiratory dieseases.
His removal of the steel was a federal offence and when the criminals responsible for 9/11 are brought to justice - and they will be- he should be in the dock along with them facing a minimum sentence of life in prison. Anyone who would vote for him is either a fellow neocon or is cerebrally challenged from watching and listening to too much of Bush’s indoctrination ministry apparatchiks aka Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Foxnews."

Rudy Julie Annie. You too can be a cross dressing,lying neocon mobster and run for president. Rudy why didn’t you go anywhere near your command center in WTC7 on 911. Every word out of that putrid mouth is a lie.

Why ????????

Unless that was a sarcastic comment which i am almost certain it was its because as we all know WTC7 was set for demolition on that day.

Hey Everyone !! Ever heard of the burning of the ReichStag ?

The point of this is that Roodeejewleearnie is basing his whole electoral campaign on a delusion that is a personal belief that is that he saved New York.

Its just a shame that Norad had executive orders to be on stand down etc.

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