Thursday, 24 January 2008

Drumming practice:

This picture wont make sense until the end of the post.

Tonights exercise : Play along to ashes to Ashes - David bowie and keep perfect time including all changes in time signatures and not deviate.

Simple enough.

Then i looked up drumming tuition on youtube.

Watching Drumming Tecnicians doing all that tecnical stuff plus all the terminology makes me realise how little i know.I dont know any of that stuff at all although i have watched videos of drummers that you get in Musos magazines.

"Look how good i am !!! "

I suppose its possible if A:I had a drumkit. B:Somewhere to play in peace and not rented space like rehearsel studios and C Endless amounts of spare time.

I am not a musician , I have only played live once , and have never played in a band.

"I coulda been a contender .... I mean really been someone.. "

I am not talking myself up or saying i am great as a drummer but there is a similarity to John Bonham in style.This what other drummers have said and it was a matter of fact comment and not flattery.If you are an intelligent adult then you will understand the context of the comparison.I am not saying i am as good as John bonham , only a similarity in that A i can keep time and i like to really hit the drums hard .I find it very difficult to play quietly.

This is why i also like jimmy chamberlain as a drummer because of similar reasons.

I like the playing with your hands on a drumkit.It depends on your tolerence i suppose.Its a bit like you can punch a wall dont hit it hard enough to injure yourself but just about hard enough.What happens is it hardens your knuckles and in kills off the nerve endings in your knuckles and makes them harder.

The pic at the top is evidence of why you should not punch walls too hard.Thats what i did and it impacted the knuckle.It looks like it has peen pushed backwards.

I was about 16 and rather lost my rag about something.

It causes no pain whatsover.

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