Sunday, 17 July 2011

Libyan Western backed rebel forces/Ethnic cleansing:

I dont have the time or the inclination right now to write a long article about this but if this is what the West are backing as part of their takeover of Libya then it is completely and utterly reprehensible and sickening not to mention their ALQuaeda/ALCIADA connections and again supporting them and giving them credence as legitimate revolutionaries is again completely reprehensible and sickening as they have no legitimacy either as revolutionaries or as being representative of the people of Libya.They have now been formally recognised by the US or agents posing as US politicians like Hilary Rodham Clinton who is posing as the US Secretary Of State despite the fact that they are unfit to govern a country and they have no experience of governing a country.

I am also very curious just how many of the ALCIADA rebel forces are actually Libyans as they are well known for importing thugs from wherever they can to assist their cause as the exact same thing happened in Iraq and elsewhere so its my belief that this was not a homegrown revolution but rather something that was partly fermented and initiated by the West and its a well known fact that Western agents of intelligence agencies and US/UK special forces are active in Libya and have been for decades and i know this from an official source.This whole thing started very suddenly and it originated in Bhengazi and it was timed to coincide with the Arab Spring which was meant to provide it with cover to make it look like a legitimate revolution/an offshoot of the Arab Spring which it is not*.The US/NATO on record admit that they are funding and arming them and the US/NATO have a habit of admitting something well after the event and the act of admitting it is meant to give such actions legitimacy and to normalise it.

Apart from ethnic cleansing that is documented there is the problem of looting,raping,various acts of brutality and mutilations,destruction of private property,child soldiers amongst the rebel forces,the use of landmines amongst other examples i havent listed.No doubt that the scum rebel forces are not documenting their use of landmines and keeping a record of where they have deployed landmines which creates a hazard for anyone unfortunate enough to walk into an area where landmines have been deployed.No idea as of yet where they are sourcing landmines from or who manufactured them.

It is my belief that backing the aforementioned rebel forces is done with the intention of stirring up tribalism and ethnic cleansing etc which will create the pretext that justifies a permanent US/NATO occupation of Libya.

This is the age old problem of revolutions and that being what is the result of a successful revolution is often worse than what went before it and this is even more likely in a culture that is tribal and even more so in a culture whose tribalism is based on ethnicity/religious beliefs and affiliations.

*Thats not to suggest that there are not legitimate revolutionaries/pro-democracy movements in Libya.

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