Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cameron/Murdoch murder mystery :

The journalist who was suicided as it were is a very curious thing.It seems like there is an effort by the establishment to get rid of Murdoch for reasons unknown as if there wasnt the Guardian wouldnt have covered it and none of what has happened so far would have happened in the first place but it seems like the trail of criminality was going to be too compromising for those within the establishment.The damage has been done to Murdoch which was the plan but suiciding the star witness meant the trail couldnt lead to the top and incriminate those concerned at top level as i think they realised that it was going to go too far otherwise.I doubt very much that the journalist was suicided/offed to protect Cameron as he isnt that important.

This whole situation will be used to blackmail Cameron to do whatever the establishment want but at the same time Cameron was going along with it all anyway but it might be used to blackmail Cameron into fully supporting an invasion/occupation of Libya.I dont see this as an effort to frame Cameron and get rid if him and it will only sink Cameron if the establishment want it to and i dont see any reason for doing so other than dealings with the private sector to privatise the BBC and to end licence fee paying that i mention below which may have been a step too far on the part of Cameron but this was all known about anyway and if this was a problem to the establishment then i dont see this mess as the best way to go about it but i do see it as a way of getting rid of Murdoch who is in decline anyway and if you want to get rid of a media baron then you have to have good reason to do so.

You would have thought by now that Murdoch and others implicated would have been arrested by now but it hasnt happened yet so if Murdoch etc havent been charged then it does seem like this is some kind of media circus but having said that the UK govt and intelligence agencies routinely wiretap as its nothing new and as Murdoch is CFR etc then that means he is untouchable to a certain extent.Rebecca Brooks and others who have been arrested are also expendable but if Rebecca Brooks has been arrested then she will know about the involvement of the UK police but will she spill the beans or wont she and to what extent ??

She will assist the police with their inquiries but my guess is she wont incriminate anyone too important as this is an instance of the UK police investigating themselves and the police will protect their own just like they always do.The police will either influence Rebecca Brooks or the charges will be dropped or there will be some kind of damage limitation exercise on the part of the UK police.

This has further damaged the reputation of the UK govt but they must have known this would happen all along.

Also what is curious is that the UK police are implicated heavily but at the same time the UK police are covering up the establishment murder/suspicious death of Sean Hoare [ordered to from top level]so what did Sean Hoare know that others who have since resigned from the MET and Scotland Yard who were expendable dont know ? Or was it simply the fact that Sean Hoare blew the whistle in the first place and that killing him was meant to send out a very strong message to others who also knew too much?

Anyone implicated in this will have been talked to and will not sing like a canary especially if they have families. Its possible that Sean Hoare has been abducted by the establishment and the death of Sean Hoare would provide cover for this but Sean Hoare has relatives and they will have to be able to confirm his death and deal with it so that does rule out an abduction to a very large extent.

Its very odd that the statement from the UK police over the death of Sean Hoare was unexplained but not suspicious when you would think that an unexplained death would not rule out suspicious circumstances.This makes it look even more suspicious than it does already.Its an idiotic statement on the part of the police as if to suggest that someone who knew what Sean Hoare knew about widescale corruption and a wiretapping ring found dead in their home is not suspicious.Absurd nonsense and a blatant lie and cover up.Sean Hoare had alcohol and substance abuse problems which will be used as the cause of death.This is a lot easier and convenient than the death of Dr.Kelly who didnt bleed out after allegedly slashing his wrists will sitting under a tree.

The Daily Mail ran a hit piece on Sean Hoare and the death of and it attempted to cover up any suspicious circumstances which in itself is suspicious when you would think that the Daily Mail would have been more enquiring over it but perhaps its because its protecting Cameron but their reaction would have been completely the opposite if Labour were still in power.

It does make sense to me that whistleblowers should in future go about their business anonymously or go into hiding somewhere as you are simply too vulnerable and if this guy had reason to fear for his life then why would you hide in your own house ? You couldnt ask for police protection for obvious reasons as you would disappear or again be suicided/die under mysterious circumstances.

If the UK govt was in with Murdoch which they are then i dont get the motive behind exposing Murdoch as its just more govt/corporation corruption and the only motive i can think of is Murdoch threatening the BBC and with Conservatives wanting to get rid of the BBC being funded by taxpayers so this situation was only ever allowed to go so far as the UK establishment were not going to let go of their cash cow and political propaganda machine that is the BBC which is the UK version of PRAVDA.

Very curious indeed but sooner rather than later i expect that the MSM will focus on something else to distract everyone from it.

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